New Minimalist & Ergonomic Laptop Case | MOBI CASE
New Minimalist & Ergonomic Laptop Case | MOBI CASE

MOBICASE | Lightweight 2-in-1 Laptop Stand & Bag

For freelancers and students, working on the fly at any time from anywhere is pretty much the norm. Sometimes, you just need to set up shop anywhere that has a WiFi connection. If you’ve been in this situation before, you probably know how uncomfortable this can be. Unfortunately, most cafes don’t think about how ergonomic their tables and chairs are during their fit out. Don’t get us started on how bad plane tray tables are as makeshift desks either. This is where the clever team at Rovingwork come in. The Australian company has recently launched MOBICASE on Kickstarter; a minimalist and ergonomic laptop bag that you can work directly out of.

New Minimalist & Ergonomic Laptop Bag | MOBI CASE


MOBICASE holds your laptop, as well as the gear you need to carry with you i.e. keyboard, mouse, charger, tablet, documents. The cool thing about it is that the laptop compartment also contains a lightweight, height adjustable stand. This means that you can elevate your laptop to the perfect, ergonomic height wherever you’re working from. It’s also an ideal set-up for efficiency too; the stand is inside the bag, so you don’t need to unpack everything every time.

New Minimalist & Ergonomic Laptop Bag | MOBI CASE

MOBICASE is crafted from a thick and durable water-repellent fabric. It features a slash-proof rubber shell too, keeping your gear inside safe. The interior lining is soft, and there are air-flow channels so your laptop won’t overheat in the bag when you’re using it. There is a multitude of internal pockets and organisation compartments, including some made from high visibility mesh that allows you to easily see what you’ve got in them. Moreover, padded haul handles mean you can carry MOBICASE comfortably too.

New Minimalist & Ergonomic Laptop Bag | MOBI CASE

As far as aesthetics go, this bag is definitely easy on the eyes. It sports a minimalist exterior that doesn’t give away just how much is going on inside it. The bag’s charcoal colourway is elegant and professional. It’s available in two sizes too, so you’re sorted if you have a larger laptop.

Rovingwork is offering a whole host of stellar early bird offers for MOBICASE, including a limited 50% off the bag. Get in quick for this one.

Pre-order: Kickstarter

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