New Season, New Grooming Routine
New Season, New Grooming Routine

New Season, New Grooming Routine

The onset of warmer weather means we should all be re-evaluating our grooming routines. What worked well in winter probably won’t be as effective in summer. Generally, with no cold winds sapping up moisture, our skin is less dry now than it is in winter. That means we should opt for more lightweight products. With that in mind, we perused through the gentSac store to see how we can update our grooming routine for the new season.


V76 – Daily Balance Exfoliating Facial CleanserNew Season, New Grooming Routine

Exfoliating regularly should be a priority in your grooming routine, as it helps to clear away dead skin cells that sit on your skin’s surface, making it look dull. This is especially important in winter when your dry skin will look a bit lacklustre, but it’s also a good idea to incorporate exfoliating into your summer routine too.

This exfoliating cleanser by V76 is gentle enough for everyday use. It features biodegradable polyactic acid beads and papaya fruit extract, which both help to clear away dead skin cells. Jojoba oil moisturises your skin, while caffeine and chamomile help to sooth it and reduce redness.

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Hanz De Fuko – Natural ShampooNew Season, New Grooming Routine

Chock-full of nourishing ingredients that care for your locks and scalp, Hanz De Fuko’s Natural Shampoo is new season grooming routine essential. It works well for all hair types and helps to promote thicker and stronger hair. The shampoo works well to remove all traces of styling products too, so you won’t be left with remnants of two day old pomade.

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Handsome – #1 FragranceNew Season, New Grooming Routine

Have you ever smelled a particular fragrance and suddenly recalled a memory that you thought you had forgotten about? Scent is a powerful means of evoking memories and it’s a nice way of commemorating a particular time in your life. So, a new season calls for a new fragrance. The Handsome #1 Fragrance is a nice choice. It offers a super fresh scent, with woody undertones. Being quite subtle means you can use it daily, without it being overpowering.

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V76 – Daily Balance Facial MoisturiserNew Season, New Grooming Routine

Moisturising in summer might seem counterintuitive, especially if your skin already errs on the side of oily, but it’s still an important step in your grooming routine. A good one will make your skin look clear and fresh. The V76 Daily Balance Facial Moisturiser is a good choice for the new season. Key ingredients include sodium hyaluronate and squalene, which are excellent for hydration and keeping your skin looking and feeling soft. The moisturiser also contains lactic acid for gentle exfoliation.

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The Wayfaring Stranger – Face & Body WashNew Season, New Grooming Routine

The Wayfaring Stranger Face & Body Wash has been cleverly crafted to help heal your skin post-shave. It contains Dragon’s Blood, an ingredient traditionally used in Central America to slow bleeding; ideal if you nick yourself during a shave. It also features White Willow Bark extract, a natural antiseptic that’ll soothe your skin too. The wash offers a luxurious experience, aided by its earthy spice and fresh citrus scent.

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