Monthly Beer Digest: Exit IPA Review - Hey Gents

Monthly Beer Digest: Exit IPA

If you like craft beer then Exit Brewing has created the perfect beer for you. Like Stone and Wood in their early days, Exit has been running a lean business. They haven’t spent time building a schmick website or a fancy brewery (they brew beer out of the Kaiju! Brewery). Instead, they’ve focused entirely on the one thing that matters most in this business – brewing great beer.

To some, the rawness of Exit brewing may be unattractive. However, the true crafties amongst us will see this as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Also, fun fact: the founders of Exit (Frase and Grum) pay homage to their humble beginnings in IT through the name of their beer business. Exit means ex-IT. As in they no longer work in IT. Nice huh?

Monthly Beer Digest: Exit IPA Review - Hey Gents


If you like hops then you’ll like the Exit IPA. The team have dumped a whole heap of hops into every bottle which provides that quintessentially full IPA flavour.

The beer starts with a distinctive and strong first taste that gets smoother the more you drink, which is a dangerous correlation. You’ll notice notes of citrusy passion fruit floating throughout the beverage, which are as refreshing as they are filling.

Monthly Beer Digest: Exit IPA Review - Hey Gents

The Verdict

If your friends don’t like IPAs then don’t give them this beer. If your friends are looking for the latest and craziest craft flavours then don’t give them this beer. If your friends like a good, old-fashioned IPA then give them this beer.

All in all, a really solid beer. Would drink again.

Eating: Burgers. Lots and lots of burgers.

Listening: Something cruisy but with a little bit of a twist to it like Step – Vampire Weekend

Vibing: A rooftop bar, a sunset, and your regular beverage crew will all generate a suitable vibe for this beer.

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