Dynaudio Music | Wireless & Intelligent Speakers

Dynaudio Music | Intelligent Wireless Music System

No strangers to fusing the best of technology with artful design, Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio has just released the latest addition to their stable of home audio products. The recently launched Intelligent Wireless Music System, or Dynaudio Music, is comprised of four different speakers. The new offering starts with the Music 1, the most compact of the range, and goes up to the Music 7, which is a near-metre long beast of a speaker. This is the one to go for if you really want the most powerful and expansive sound in your place. The speakers can all be stereo paired and up to six can be used for a multi-room system. Decked out with a host of intelligent features that do all the hard work for you, the Music speakers are ready to go at the push of a button.

Dynaudio Music | Wireless & Intelligent Speakers

Intelligent Speakers

All four Music speakers feature Dynaudio’s RoomAdapt technology. What this means is that wherever the speaker is placed in a room, be it in the middle of an empty space, in a corner, against the wall, etc., the speaker will tweak the sound to be optimal for its placement. Dynaudio’s other speakers, like the Xeo 2, have this technology too, manually activated, but with Music it’s all automatic.

RoomAdapt isn’t the only piece of smart tech in Music. They also feature NoiseAdapt, which automatically adjusts sound based on other noise in the room. If you’re in a space with lots of people speaking at a high volume, the speaker will know and subsequently adapt its tone and volume to keep up with the party. If the room suddenly goes quiet, the sound from the speaker will automatically adjust again to best suit the space.

Dynaudio Music | Wireless & Intelligent Speakers

Music Now

Music Now is a Dynaudio app with an intelligent algorithm that creates curated playlists for you by learning your tastes over time. You can start listening to your personalised playlists with a simple touch of a button on the Music speaker. This is ideal when you don’t know what you feel like listening to, and endlessly scrolling through your saved albums isn’t helping you narrow it down.

Dynaudio Music | Wireless & Intelligent Speakers

As well as Music Now, Music can also directly stream from services like Tidal, plus it can connect to devices via WiFi and Bluetooth, through Apple AirPlay, and can connect to your DLNA network. As far as physical inputs go, all four speakers in the range have a 3.5mm stereo jack and USB for iOS playback and charging. Music 5 and 7 also have a digital optical line in, and the latter additionally has HDMI (ARC) in. Each of the speakers can be controlled via their buttons, through the free app, or with the remote control they all come with (except for Music 1).

Dynaudio Music | Wireless & Intelligent Speakers


As we’ve come to expect from the Danish brand, the design of the Music speakers is sleek and minimal. They actually look a fair bit more modern than their other offerings, but still with the unmistakable finesse that’s found throughout Dynaudio’s designs. Music feature clean and sharp lines, which add to the contemporary aesthetic. They’re available in four different colours; light grey, dark grey, red, or blue, which makes it easy to style them in any room.

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