COMO Cocoa Island

COMO Cocoa Island Maldives | A Touch Of Local Charm

There’s a sense of serenity whenever you visit the Maldives, and our time on COMO Cocoa Island was no exception. The island, surrounded by sand that felt more like a cloud picked from the afternoon’s sky wasn’t the only thing that left us smitten from the moment we arrived. It’s all about the finer details, and the local charm had us in holiday-mode from the moment we stepped off the speedboat transfer.

COMO Cocoa Island ReviewCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa Island

COMO Cocoa Island

The team at COMO Cocoa Island are no strangers to making this an all-encompassing experience for their guests. Flying into Malé airport puts you just a stone’s throw away from your destination, and by the time you’ve collected your baggage, your private speedboat is at the ready. COMO Cocoa Island is a short 30-minute trip away, and just like your departure from the airport, the staff have it all planned out well before you step off the boat. Smiles, Insta-worthy scenery, and locally inspired refreshments will have you settled even before you reach your private suite.

COMO Cocoa Island

The island’s size, or lack thereof, is immediately noticeable. It’s a 5 to 10-minute stroll anywhere on this patch of paradise. Fortunately, your surroundings are very easy to get comfortable with. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck lounging around in the strategically place hammocks with a cocktail in hand if you don’t want to. The resort can tailor a package to your interest; leisurely types and adventurers alike are both catered for with everything from afternoon cruises alongside a pod of dolphins, to diving in one of the Maldives’ largest underwater cave complexes – a casual 70m long.

Activities aside, it’s not hard to spend your time here appreciating the little things. There’s a sandbank that basically turns itself into its own island at high tide. Perch yourself on a daybed in the sun and watch the afternoon go by with local sea-life almost at your feet.

COMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa Island

Dhoni Suite

COMO Cocoa Island has a few years to its name, although that’s definitely part of the charm given the immaculately high upkeep standards through the island and resort. Going with the Dhoni Suite, which pays homage to the shape of a traditional Dhoni boat, you can’t help but fall in love with its simplicity.

The private terrace, a sizable bathroom and a very comfy bed drenched in natural light are complemented by a humble nod to Balinese style. If you’ve travelled in a group, there’s ample room for entertainment too. The view from your terrace looks out to the ocean, and there’s even a step ladder that will have you knee deep in the crystal clear waters below.

COMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa Island COMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa Island


Dining can often be a make or break for resorts, and sometimes the more remote locations can be a little off the mark. Fortunately, the only restaurant on COMO Cocoa Island, named Ufaa, has it sorted. The a la carte breakfast was simple, which seems to be the tone for many things here, with a small buffet to tide you over until lunch. The oysters, imported from Australia, were the type where a dozen wasn’t even close to enough. Oysters aren’t for sharing anyway, right?

Once again, the resort offers completely tailored packages that allow for a private dining experience. If you’d rather mingle with your significant other in the privacy of your water-top terrace, it’s a simple request away. The Indian banquet on Friday evening was worth writing home about. It brought both staff and guests together for an evening spent sharing stories and plates.

COMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa Island


The free yoga sessions will have you in the right state of mind, a little zen goes a long way in times like these. Loan some snorkelling gear and grab yourself a kayak free of charge, or keep up your daily routine in the gym (on the smaller side, though filled with the essentials). There’s also a fast WiFi connection, giving you the ability to show off your leisurely escapades on social media.

COMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa IslandCOMO Cocoa Island

The Wrap-Up – COMO Cocoa Island Review

COMO Cocoa Island may not be the newest resort in the Maldives but it is situated on one of the most beautiful petite islands we’ve ever seen. Natural beauty is hard to beat, so make sure it’s on your shortlist of islands to visit.

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