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Though the idea of living in Sydney’s most famous coastal town may conjure thoughts of salty breezes floating through your home and envious beach views, this isn’t always the case. So the owners of a large beach bungalow in North Bondi found out. They turned to Andrew Burges Architects to convert the less than ideal house into a modern family home that would live up to the expectations of the beach-side suburb.

Open & Light-Filled North Bondi Home | Brick House Open & Light-Filled North Bondi Home | Brick House

Brick House

With a lack of natural light and airflow in the existing house, the architects sought to overhaul the entire property. The result, dubbed Brick House, is expansive and truly able to embrace its surrounds. Natural materials have been used in the interior construction, plus floor to ceiling windows have been employed to blur the lines between inside and outside. Two double-height voids with skylights illuminate both levels of the home, while small bridges connect the spaces upstairs.

Open & Light-Filled North Bondi Home | Brick House Open & Light-Filled North Bondi Home | Brick House


Andrew Burges Architects have utilised a variety of sustainable practices in the design and build of Brick House. A thermal mass is used on the north-facing wall and flooring to minimise sun exposure in summer and maximise it in winter. Rooms are built for cross-ventilation and with ceiling fans in order to mitigate the need for air conditioning. Moreover, heat extractors have been placed in the roof to relieve some of the summer heat build up in the upper levels of the house. For cooler weather, floor heating and gas heaters are installed to keep the house warm. Provisions have also been made to install solar panels on the roof should the owners decide to do so in the future too.

Open & Light-Filled North Bondi Home | Brick House

Large, open, and bright, Brick House is the perfect family home in North Bondi. With sea breezes and natural light aplenty, it’s finally a house worthy of the location.

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