Beoplay H9 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Beoplay H9 Review | Escape The Crowds

An overcrowded pre-work commute can throw your whole day out, just as the cramped 6 pm train home can ruin an evening. Boisterous school kids tend to have the same frustrating effect as those tinny mids emanating from other passengers’ headphones. A little piece and quiet—and a seat—is all that’s wanted, yet it can often seem completely unattainable.

Social feeds help pass the time; pair your Facebook perusing with a decent playlist or podcast and the irritations are almost unnoticeable – unless of course, your headphones don’t cut the mustard, or in this case, the sound. While they won’t get you a seat, B&O Play’s latest active noise control wireless headphones, the Beoplay H9, will certainly help you disconnect from the irritations around you.

Beoplay H9 Review | Escape The Crowds

Beoplay H9 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Rather than outlandish colours, excessive buttons, and bulky handles found on many headphones in today’s market, B&O Play have gone for an understated, industrial aesthetic for the Beoplay H9. The matte aluminium frame is complemented by full-grain leather detailing and lambskin ear cups. The memory foam within immediately feels like the perfect consistency; dense enough to know it won’t lose shape after a few weeks use, but soft enough not to cause a tension headache after a few hours of listening. For those intent on putting these cans through the ringer, aftermarket ear cups are readily available from the B&O Play website.

Beoplay H9 Review | Escape The Crowds

The Beoplay H9’s right headphone plate is where the magic happens. The simple gesture controls are easy to get a handle on and work with gloves, especially handy in winter. Tap to play and pause, circle to adjust the volume and swipe up or down to toggle noise cancellation to your liking. Complete noise cancellation can feel a little isolating at times, and we’re sure at least some of you will rejoice in having full control here.

Beoplay H9 Review | Escape The CrowdsBeoplay H9 Review | Escape The Crowds

The in-built microphones work a dream. Analysing the surrounding background noise, they then passively filter out anything unwanted without feeling completely disassociated with the outside world if you so choose.

The H9 can be used completely wireless, connecting to your device via Bluetooth. Our two-week testing period produced zero dropouts; to be expected for the A$799 ticket on these. The battery life on the Beoplay H9 is first-class too. Making it past the 12-hour mark, this should see you through a standard day’s work as well as the commute on either side. Otherwise, you can always do a quick in-between charge using the included Micro-USB cable.

Beoplay H9 Review | Escape The Crowds

The accompanying Beoplay App embodies the term ‘user-friendly’. It isn’t overly immersive, but it does everything you need and then some. The battery life display comes in very useful between power sources, while being able to control EQ as well as your sound presets on the fly is a welcomed feature.

B&O Play never disappoint in the sound department. The bass is rich but not overpowering, while the mid-tones come through crisp, clean, and clear. This is surely amplified by the noise cancellation, and makes for perfect listening on public transport, in the office, or on a leisurely stroll.

Beoplay H9 Review | Escape The CrowdsBeoplay H9 Review | Escape The Crowds

The Wrap-Up – Beoplay H9 Review

The Beoplay H9 is a reliable option in the wireless headphone market. It’s packed with features that aren’t at all convoluted by unnecessary settings or complicated apps. The sound quality is superb and the complete noise cancellation control makes for a superior listening experience regardless of your environment.

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