Samsung SSD T5

Samsung SSD T5 | Don’t Lose Your Memories

If you’re anything like we are on holiday, chances are you’d bring a good deal of camera gear with you on your trips. An SLR, a bunch of lenses, a Go Pro, a drone, and a Samsung Gear 360 are the very least you’ll find in our luggage. And if there’s one thing we fear more than losing all of this gear, is losing the footage we’ve captured on them.

Samsung SSD T5

A recent study conducted by Samsung revealed that 60% of Australians have lost content after failing to back it up. And, unfortunately, photos and precious memories are the most commonly lost files. These are quite telling numbers. I guess the question then, is why don’t we back up our data? Simple, it’s tedious, especially when you’re on holiday. Enter the Samsung SSD T5.

The SSD T5 has set out to minimise the laboriousness of this banal yet critical task. Firstly, it’s built to handle transfer speeds of up to 540MB/s. That’s 4.9 times faster than most external hard drives on average.

Samsung SSD T5

We usually shoot in JPEG+RAW so the files are huge, filling up the SD cards by the end of each day. Recording HD video footage also adds to the problem. With 3-4 SD cards to back up at a time, fast transfer speeds are an absolute blessing. Waiting for the transfer part is the worse, so the faster it transfers, the less of a chore it would seem to back up your data. For this purpose alone, the T5 is one of the best external drive options to have on a trip away.

Another reason is that the device is tiny and weighs in at just 51 grams. With all of the camera gear we carry, any reduction in weight is a welcoming factor. That doesn’t mean it’s not sturdy though, the T5 has a shock resistant frame that will help it withstand falls of up to 2 metres. It also has built-in security measures, if you choose to, you can set up password protection for accessing the drive – it uses an AES 256-bit encryption that keeps the data safe if it lands in the wrong hands.

Compatability is another factor that has been carefully considered by Samsung, ensuring that a range of different devices can directly interface with the T5. They have generously included two USB cables, a USB-C to C and a USB-A to C.

Samsung SSD T5

Along with its portability and strength, the SSD T5 looks smart. It is encased in a curved aluminium exterior, available in two colours. The 250GB and 500GB drives come in Alluring Blue, with the 1TB and 2TB options sporting a Deep Black.

Samsung SSD T5

As far as portable storage goes, the Samsung SSD T5 is easily one of the best options to take away with you. The speedy and simple transfer times make it a great choice for storing and backing up valuable content while on the move. Don’t lose your memories.

The SSD T5 starts at $199 for the 250GB drive.

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