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Nokia Digital Health Keeps You On Track

When it comes to your fitness, setting goals is important but it’s probably the easiest part. Working out how to achieve those goals and being consistent with food and exercise is hard. But the part that people get wrong the most, is measuring progress. Getting the right information about your body is vital to improving your health.

Nokia has introduced two new additions to their Digital Health Range; Body Cardio and Steel. These products can help you to not just monitor different areas of your body, but uncover the best ways to improve them.

Body Cardio

As mentioned, a big part of bettering your health is by gaining an understanding of the individual aspects that contribute to it. The Body Cardio is a wireless electronic scale that presents a comprehensive range of data on specific areas other than just weight. And because the scale syncs with Nokia’s Health Mate app daily, you’re actually able to see how your health activities will impact these components over time.

Nokia Body CardioNokia Health Mate

When people want to look leaner and more toned, weight is often the measurement that they rely on as an indicator of progress. However, it really isn’t the right number to look at because it doesn’t take into consideration other important factors. Knowing body fat percentage and muscle mass actually paints a much more relevant picture of what’s going on. To look leaner you need to lose body fat and to look more toned you need to gain muscle. Muscle mass is heavier than body fat so if you are doing the right exercises and eating well, your net weight might actually result in a higher number. A set of old scales won’t help you here.

Body Cardio is able to measure your weight, body fat and muscle mass – giving you a starting point. From here, you can assess the best plan of attack to reach your goal. You can even obtain readings on water percentage to keep your hydration in check.Nokia Body CardioReflecting how far this technology has come, though, is the scale’s pulse wave velocity reader. Designed to stay in tune with your cardiovascular health, this function records the efficiency of your arteries. The higher the speed of the wave, the stiffer your arteries (not good). Fear not, however, the Health Mate app offers tips to improve it.

One feature that stands out is Body Cardio’s information storage. Programmable for up to 8 people, each user is automatically recognised once they step on the scale, and their personalised information is displayed. This is great for couples or families wanting to share it.


Complementing the Body Cardio is Nokia’s take on wearable health tracking, the Steel. While the scales can teach you about where your body is currently, Steel is a smartwatch that allows you to keep an eye on how it’s going.

As you work up a sweat, the Steel keeps a record of metrics that are relevant to your activity. Whether that be walking, running or even swimming, these disciplines are all trackable.

The most fundamental metric across all of these movements is a number of steps you take. By following steps, Steel can then determine the distance you cover and the number of calories you burn. And thanks to the watch’s auto-syncing function, this data is readily available in the Health Mate app.

Nokia Steel

Running your body ragged counts for nothing if you don’t get proper rest. When it comes time to get some shut-eye, Steel doubles as a tracker that evaluates your sleep patterns. Each morning, the Health Mate app will produce a graph that breaks down your previous night’s sleep pattern, showing light, deep and REM sleep. Knowing this information gives you an opportunity to try different ways to improve your sleep and know whether it is helping.

Nokia Steel

You may be thinking, ‘how does this all work? Where are the controls?’. Surprisingly, the absence of buttons on the watch actually make using the Steel easy. The watch’s Connected Movement technology automatically sends all the information to the mobile app. Instead of a rechargeable battery, it uses a CR2025 battery which lasts up to 8-months before it needs changing.

Nokia Steel

The Wrap-Up – Nokia Digital Health

Staying accountable for your health and fitness levels involves much more than just a kilogram figure. If you’ve set yourself specific goals, then you need to equip yourself with the right tools to measure your progress. That’s why the Nokia Digital Health is an ideal investment to start and follow your journey. Getting the right information from your body will give you the best chance of success this summer. Good luck!

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