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The worlds of film and fashion are inextricably linked, with some iconic on-screen style moments having influenced some pretty big fashion movements; think James Dean popularising the classic white t-shirt and blue jeans combination in Rebel Without A Cause. Or Ryan Gosling’s sleek bomber jacket in Drive. More recently, the British film Kingsman: The Secret Service has given us two hours worth of intense style-envy. From the classic knitwear to elegantly designed accessories, and not to mention all the perfectly tailored suits worn throughout, the wardrobe in the Kingsman is just as much part of the film as the exhilarating action sequences and clever dialogue. That’s why the movie’s director, Matthew Vaughn, partnered with online retailer MR PORTER to create an innovative Kingsman “costume to collection”.

New MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle CollectionNew MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle Collection

Developed with costume designer Arianne Phillips, the Kingsman collection initially began as an emulation of the exact pieces worn in the film, available to purchase on MR PORTER. It’s since evolved into a brand in its own right, and since 2015 has released six collections that offer an extension to the elegantly crafted pieces in the film. Now, with the release of the film’s sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, MR PORTER will once again be releasing a bespoke menswear collection based on the movie.

New MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle Collection New MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle Collection

MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The new movie brings with it a whole new wardrobe, inspired by the Kingsman’s American counterparts; the Statesman. The gun-slinging, lasso-wielding Statesman prefer a more ‘wild west’ style of attire, which thanks to MR PORTER, means a fresh range of denim pieces, casual t-shirts, and leather boots. Many of the clothes are created in partnership with a host of quality brands. This time, brands like Jean Shop, Golden Bear, and the heritage Lucchese Bootmakers have come on board. They join the likes of Cutler and Gross, Orlebar Brown, and Turnbull and Asser who have each contributed to the refined Kingsman style.

Adidas is also a new brand to join the Kingsman line-up, with a special edition pair of Superstar sneakers with a gold ‘Kingsman’ emblazoned above blue, brown, and pink stripes.

New MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle Collection New MR PORTER x Kingsman: The Golden Circle Collection

The MR PORTER x Kingsman partnership is a pioneering concept and makes for a more immersive film experience. It’s a neat idea, whether you want to bring home some of that movie magic, or you just appreciate a well-designed suit.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out in cinemas in Australia September 21st. The costume to collection range is available now on MR PORTER.