Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts

Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Spaces

When scouring the internet for design inspiration, we always find ourselves drawn to lofts. There’s something about the expansive, open, and light-filled spaces that are super appealing. Lofts offer a world of possibility when it comes to renovations and interior design. Without the constraints that traditional apartment, house, or office layouts have, they’re spaces that can be moulded to exactly the way you want it. So, whether you’ve just scored yourself a cool loft space, or you just like to appreciate good design, check out these 5 stunning lofts…


Fitzroy Loft by Architects EAT

The Fitzroy Loft project in Melbourne by Architects EAT is one of our favourite residential loft renovations. The now family home occupies what used to be a warehouse at a chocolate factory. The living space and courtyard are found on the bottom level, where they receive an abundance of natural light from the vaulted ceiling and giant windows. Bedrooms and bathrooms feature more privacy, up on the mezzanine. A steel bridge runs through the living space to connect both sides of the mezzanine.

Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts

Photographed by Derek Swalwell


Loft Renovation in El Cabañal by Ambau Taller D’Arquitectes

Evidence of this loft’s past is still found throughout, in the original woodwork, ceiling beams, plaster cladding, and the brickwall. All the elements of the living spaces spill into each other in the home’s narrow footprint, with the bathroom being the only closed off portion. The bedroom is upstairs on a small platform added by the architects, hovering above the centre of the space. Designed by Ambau Taller D’Arquitectes.

Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts

Photographed by Germán Cabo


Photographer’s Loft by Bruzkus Batek Architekten

The Photographer’s Loft in Berlin, designed by Bruzkus Batek Architekten, is a bright and modern space. It’s L shaped design allows the private living areas to be totally separated to the other parts of the loft. Not much is telling of the building’s warehouse past save for exposed ceiling beams and the smooth concrete floor, which gives it a refined industrial look. Warm oak parquet panelling, as well as all the natural light in the space that bounces off crisp white walls, give the entire loft a very welcoming and homely feel.

Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts

Photographs courtesy of Bruzkus Batek Architekten.


Waimatou Co-Working Loft by Naturalbuild Architects

Ideal for not only residential purposes, but a loft as an office makes total sense. The expansive space lends itself to open plan working environments. Naturalbuild, an architecture firm based in Shanghai, crafted their own office loft in what used to be a warehouse that, interestingly enough, belonged to a prominent underworld crime figure. The architects wanted to retain quite a bit of the original building, despite some of it being pretty weathered. The result, though, is a really cool space that we’re sure makes for a creative and inspiring environment for those working in it.

Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts

Photographs courtesy of Naturalbuild


Manhattan Loft by Homepolish

The trouble with lofts is that sometimes, they can feel a little cold or unhomely. Not the case with this one in Manhattan, though; it’s got warmth and homeliness in spades. A whole lot of greenery, flowers, personal belongings, art, and wine all come together in the loft to make it feel very welcoming as soon as you see it. Natural light flows into the open spaces, which have been impeccably designed and styled by interior design startup, Homepolish.

Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts Loft Goals | 5 Stunning Lofts

Photographed by Claire Esparros


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