How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George
How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George

On any given day, you’re likely to find someone on the Hey Gents team perusing the Hunting For George website; working our way through each category, adding various pieces of furniture and homewares to our wishlists. The Melbourne-based store is one of our go-to’s for interiors. Not only do they stock a wide range of products from some of our favourite designers, but Hunting For George really know what they’re talking about when it comes to styling too. That’s why we’ve asked founders Jo Harris and Lucy Glade-Wright to impart some of that styling wisdom on us. Keep reading to see Jo and Lucy’s advice on how to choose the right rug for your place…

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place

Rugs, boring right? Kind of, but here’s the thing. When you don’t have a rug or you don’t have the right rug for your home then you feel like something is missing. And no one likes that ‘what have I forgotten?’ feeling.

Rugs are one of the easiest ways to update your interior. They create warmth, zones and lift the energy of a room. But we get it, choosing a rug is a big decision. They are one of the more expensive purchases for your home and it’s important you choose something that you’re ready to have around for the long-haul. We’re not saying this to freak you out, but we want to make sure that you don’t regret your purchase, at least not as much as I regret my decision to wear an orange sateen crop top to my school formal. But I digress, we’re here to chat rugs so let’s get going.

Armadillo Rugs are our go to for timeless, high quality and ethically made rugs. Armadillo&Co was founded in 2009 by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst, born from their desire to combine aesthetics and ethics with clear focus on social responsibility. When they couldn’t find the perfect rug, they decided to make them instead. All Armadillo&Co rugs are 100% handmade and use Fair Trade practices. Made by artisans in India, Armadillo&Co support the communities that craft their designs by providing safe schools for children to learn, play and grow. We love knowing that all products made by Armadillo&Co are handmade by local families of artisans who really care about their craft.

Location Location

When choosing a rug it’s important to consider the use of the space. Do you need a rug that’s tough enough to handle lots of foot traffic in a busy thoroughfare? Or do you love a little luxury and want your rug to be soft underfoot? Once this is defined, the right material and fibres can be chosen to ensure your rug is well-suited to the space. Something like the Kalahari Weave Rug is a great choice for high-traffic areas like a living room due to its thick and sturdy hemp set against luxurious wool. A crowd favourite is the Sierra Weave Rugwhich is the softest and most delicious rug going around, perfect for low-traffic areas such as the bedroom.

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George

But be warned, the softer and looser the weave, the more susceptible it will be to pilling. So if you have an active household with kids, animals etc, think about choosing a sturdier rug for the main rooms and saving more delicate weaves for quieter, bedroom areas. The new Husk Weave Rug is a great compromise of wearability and lusciousness. This rug alternates rows of hemp loops with those of cut wool pile. The design is based on traditional Indo-Nepali weaving and results in subtle patterning and a generous, plush pile that feels wonderfully soft underfoot. This makes it perfect for families as it’s made to last and the marled tones work well to hide minor spills and marks.

Rug Placement & Size

Understanding the placement of your rug will help with size and colour decisions. As a general rule of thumb, choosing the largest rug possible will make a room feel spacious, inviting and well-designed. For expansive spaces like the living room, large rugs can be used to pull your furniture and other elements together. Choose a rug that is large enough to sit halfway or completely under your couch. If you have any occasional chairs, sit them partially or fully on the rug to tie the zone together.

In tighter spaces like the bedroom, smaller rugs are often used where they can be placed on each or just one side of the bed, creating a soft, warm place from which to step in and out of bed. However if you wanted a more luxurious look, place a large rug underneath the entire bed with a generous amount visible at the foot and sides. Keep bedside tables off the rug to highlight the floor and enhance the feeling of space. Armadillo rugs are available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your desired space. A favourite size for bedrooms is a 2 x 3m rug which suits a double, queen and king size bed.

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George


An equally important decision to make is whether you want something to stand out and make a statement, or something neutral to complement your floor colouring and bring together the room. You can’t go wrong with a solid colour weave such as the Sherpa Weave Rug. This rug is available in three colours; simply choose the colour that best suits your floor. If you want to introduce a pattern to your space, a popular choice is the Berber Knot Atlas Rug, with its simple diamond pattern. Hand knotted in pure wool in soft, natural tones, the Atlas Weave Rug sits perfectly atop light or warm floorboards, bringing character to the space without dominating. Or if you’re wanting to make more of a statement then what about the Berber Knot Zulu Rug, possibly the most striking piece from the Armadillo&Co collection! With its bold, animated tribal patterns, the Zulu Rug works well in both modern and eclectic interiors, softening concrete floors and enhancing the warmth of timber floorboards. This style also creates a rad 70s vibe and brings a bit of nostalgia into your home.

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George


Do you need one? 9 times out of 10 the answer is yes. We recommend underlays for almost all rugs. The main benefit to using an underlay is to stop any movement, as rugs can move on any surface, which can not only be a trip hazard but can make the rug twist out of shape over time. Having an underlay will also make vacuuming much easier as the rug will not be able to move as you pass. It will also provide a cushioning effect as you walk across it in your bare feet feeling those wonderful fibres between your toes. Moreover, an underlay will also create noise insulation and insulation against the cold.

How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Place With Hunting For George

If you’re keen for more information then sign up to the Hunting for George Home School; an educational program without the high fees and uncomfortable lecture chairs. We’ll share with you all you need to know about Armadillo&Co rugs via email, from style advice to cleaning tips.

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