How To Use Messenger For Work & Collaborate Efficiently
How To Use Messenger For Work & Collaborate Efficiently

How We Use Messenger To Work & Collaborate Efficiently

At Hey Gents, we use a range of apps, tips, and tricks in an effort to work as efficiently as possibly. Whether it’s mastering the art of getting through your to-do list each day, or useful tools for communicating with the rest of the team, we’re up for giving it a shot. One of our favourite productivity apps is Messenger. Yep, that Messenger. It’s useful for much more than just group conversations with your friends consisting purely of emojis.

You may be surprised by how good Messenger actually is for an app that you may have previously associated with procrastination as opposed to productivity. For one, it’s helped our team significantly cut down on the number of emails we send to each other. With quick back and forth communication, it’s much easier and more efficient to send a quick message on Messenger. Not only does this help each of us in our pursuits for the highly enticing Inbox Zero, but it allows us to action things quickly when we’re not having to keep an eye on the inbox while waiting for an email to come through.

How To Use Messenger For Work & Collaborate Efficiently

Whether through chat or video calls, Messenger also makes it super easy to keep in touch with colleagues who are travelling or working remotely. Documents and files are simple to share between each other too, with an intuitive drag and drop function. We also use the app a lot to share photos; when out at an event our photographer can quickly send images to our social media manager to fit into our Instagram schedule, or post timely content straight away.

How To Use Messenger For Work & Collaborate Efficiently

One of Messenger’s features that we take advantage of quite a bit is the Live Location sharing. As its name suggests, you can show your live location to your group for up to 60 minutes. This gets used a lot when we have meetings or are going out to lunch and we’re coming from different locations. It helps to keep track of anyone running late or if they’re not sure exactly where to go. Bots also come in handy; the Spotify bot gets used by everyone to add songs to the office playlist. This has made for a lot of fun and quite an eclectic playlist.

How To Use Messenger For Work & Collaborate Efficiently

Finally, Messenger is a great way to keep in contact with each other outside of work too. It’s helped build relationships between colleagues by being a platform where we discuss both work and non-work related topics. Using the app as a team has panned out really well; it allows us to collaborate efficiently and makes communication a breeze.

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