A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions
A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions

A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions

Local company gentSac was launched in a bid to make the world of male grooming less daunting and confusing for Australian men. Both a store and service, they not only curate a whole host of premium men’s skin and hair care products, but they’ll answer your questions and deliver a bespoke experience as well. gentSac offers a subscription service for their speciality grooming kits, which means you can have your favourite products automatically delivered directly to your door every month or two (or three).

If the idea of never running out of toothpaste, shampoo or moisturiser ever again appeals to you, read on. We’ve created a simple guide to gentSac subscriptions to get you started…

A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions

Pre-made Kits

There are two routes you can take with your subscription; you can create your own gentSac, or you can choose one of the already curated kits. The pre-made kits have been put together by the gentSac team to cater to different requirements. Among them are kits that focus solely on skin care, shaving, or hair care, while others are made for frequent travellers, or for those who’d like a little bit of everything. One of the advantages of subscribing to a pre-made gentSac is that you know everything that’s in it has been carefully chosen and will work nicely together. It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out a routine. This is especially handy if you’re not really sure where to start when it comes to grooming, and you just need some basics to get you going.

A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions

gentSac’s pre-made kits are great gifts, too. They don’t all just exclusively contain skin and hair products either; some of them also include other daily essentials like underwear and socks. The Modern Man kit is one of our top picks for a gift. It features some premium essentials like a Marvis toothpaste, JS Sloane shampoo, Triumph & Disaster moisturiser, Handsome body wash, and Anthony deodorant, as well as a pair of Mosmann trunks and Swanky Socks. Who wouldn’t love to receive that?

If you choose a pre-made kit, you can easily change your products when your next kit renews. The team will always reach out with a call or email to see what you need in your next kit – it really is a wicked service.

Customised Kits

If you’re in need of a more bespoke grooming routine to target different concerns, then creating your own gentSac is the way to go. There are two ways you can go about creating a tailored kit; you can either book a phone consultation through the gentSac website, and a gentSac team member will give you a buzz to discuss exactly what you’re after. Or, if you’re in Sydney, you can head to the company’s flagship store in The Galeries for an in-store consultation. The grooming experts at gentSac will answer your questions and make some recommendations before sending you home with a fully customised kit and a routine that suits you.

A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions

Choose The Frequency

So you’ve chosen between either a pre-made kit or a customised one, now it’s time to decide how often you’d like it sent to you. This is the beauty of gentSac; their automatic subscription service means there’s one less thing you need to keep on top of.

You can choose to have your gentSac delivered to you either monthly, or every two or three months. If after a while you find that you’re receiving the products too frequently or not enough, it’s easy to change your replenishment frequency with a quick email to the team.

A Simple Guide To gentSac Subscriptions

To sum up, gentSac makes choosing your essential grooming products and establishing a good routine really simple. Their curated kits and subscription service are the answer to looking after yourself that little bit better without any hassle, saving you time and making you feel super good.

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