Father’s Day Essentials | Drinks Gift Guide 2017
Father’s Day Essentials | Drinks Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day Drinks Gift Guide 2017

One of the best ways to show appreciation for your dad is through the simple gesture of spending quality time with him over some heartfelt conversation. Having a drink in hand is always a good way to get things going. We’ve compiled a list of gift-worthy Father’s Day drinks that will help you find the right bottle to celebrate with…


MoCU – Beer PackMOCU Beer Pack

Has the ever-growing craft beer movement got a hold of your dad? If so, MoCU can help. Modern Curation Gallery is a new Australian company that allows you to compile the ultimate craft beer collection, one by one. Or, choose from one of their expertly curated pre-made packs. Whether you have no clue where to start or your mind is absolutely set, MoCU is made for some great variety drinking.

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Penfolds – Max’s The Promise Shiraz 2014Penfolds Max's The Promise Shiraz 2014

As the story goes, iconic Penfolds winemaker Max Schubert would gift his friends and family with wines he had created. Penfolds Max’s The Promise 2014 is an ode to both Max and his generosity. Starting with Shiraz fruits and followed by a strong mocha flavour, this wine is quite complex. Made from the spirit of giving, Max’s The Promise, is a winner for red lovers.

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Veuve Clicquot – Extra Brut Extra OldVeuve Clicquot Extra Brut Extra Old

For something a touch more special this Father’s Day, look to Veuve Clicquot Extra Brut Extra Old. As a part of its reserve collection, this champagne blends some of its best wines from as far back as 1988. The result of this unique process is a rich wine that pairs quite well with seafood and savoury finger food.

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Cockburn’s – Late Bottled Vintage PortCockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage Port

Cockburn’s was proudly founded by brothers John and Robert Cockburn in 1815. The company has since carved out a reputation for high quality wine, one in particular being Cockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage Port. This 2011 LBV has been aged in large oak vats for a full-bodied flavour. Cockburn’s Port is an ideal drink to serve after a satisfying father’s day lunch.

Buy: Dan Murphy's



Archie Rose – Distiller’s Strength GinArchie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin

Created by and largely for the Archie Rose team, Distiller’s Strength Gin is a drink that’s big, bold and intense. Distilled at a higher alcohol by volume and with 15 carefully selected local botanicals, flavours are smooth and pronounced. It took Archie Rose 45 attempts to perfect Distiller’s Strength, so dad will be proud to have this sitting in his cabinet.

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Four Pillars – Bloody Shiraz GinFour Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

Nestled away in the Yarra Valley is small-scale Australian distiller, Four Pillars. Their 2017 vintage Bloody Shiraz Gin achieves its raspberry character and sweet taste by combining their Rare Dry Gin with some of the country’s best Shiraz grapes. It can be enjoyed by itself but will taste particularly good when mixed into cocktails.

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Chivas Regal – 18YOChivas Regal 18YO

Renowned for their complex creations, Chivas Regal 18YO is one for the seasoned whisky drinker. Aged for almost two decades, over 85 flavour notes greet the palate including a sweet smokiness and dark chocolate, with a floral finish. This award-winning whisky makes for a great liquor collection centrepiece.

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The Macallan – 12 Year Old Double CaskMacallan 12 Year Old Double Cask

The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask is an embodiment of patience and craftsmanship. Combining sherry seasoned American oak with European oak, this single malt whisky presents itself as balanced and smooth. Citrus, vanilla and light oak are dominant, followed by a quintessential Macallan spice to finish.

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Jameson – CaskmatesJameson Caskmates

Born from a conversation between Jameson’s head distiller and a neighbouring head brewer, Jameson Caskmates is a triple-distilled whiskey with a modern twist. Finished in stout-seasoned craft beer barrels, this whiskey contains strong notes of coffee, cocoa and butterscotch. We know whiskey lovers will appreciate this blend of old and new.

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Jameson – Black BarrelJameson Black Barrel

Undergoing a meticulous process, Jameson Black Barrel is matured in a mix of Sherry casks, American oak and bourbon barrels. The bourbon barrels then endure a painstaking double charring process, which truly reflects the quality of this drink. Dominated by nutty notes and a vanilla sweetness, Black Barrel keeps the Jameson tradition of hard work alive.

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Glenfiddich – IPA ExperimentGlenfiddich IPA Experiment

Glenfiddich has a place in history as the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky, and continues to produce highly unique flavours. The best example of this is IPA Experiment. Brewed in craft India Pale Ale barrels, this single malt has strong notes of citrus with refreshing hops to complement. Being a sweeter whisky, this is best enjoyed on the rocks.

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Glenfiddich – Project XXGlenfiddich Project XX

The second of Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series, Project XX is the brainchild of 20 of the whisky industry’s most creative minds. It holds a largely fruity character which includes pear and apple blossom, and finishes with a slither of cinnamon spice and liquorice. Such a premium single malt makes for an ideal Father’s Day dram.

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The Glenlivet – Founder’s ReserveThe Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve

As an ode to The Glenlivet originator George Smith, Founder’s Reserve is a contemporary take on the original classic. Combining fruity notes of pear, orange and candy apple, the maturation process gives it an undeniable sweetness and smoothness. Capturing Smith’s innovation and spirit, Founder’s Reserve is synonymous with enjoyment.

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Martell – VS (Very Special)Martell VS (Very Special)

Since 1715, Martell has been constantly fine-tuning their art. Their pursuit of constant improvement has culminated in Martell VS. This velvety cognac contains a combination of fruity and woody notes with a pleasant citrus finish. Martell VS is crafted with character and can be thoroughly enjoyed either on the rocks or mixed with ginger ale.

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Martell – VSOP Médaillon (Very Special Old Pale)Martell VSOP Médallion (Very Special Old Pale)

Upholding the grand standard of Martell, VSOP Médaillon is the younger and softer brother of the VS. A polished golden amber appearance is accompanied by crystallised fruit blends and oak wood notes. Aptly described as a symbol of maturity, dad certainly shares that trait with this cognac.

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Grey Goose – VodkaGrey Goose Vodka

When it comes to vodka, Grey Goose is a gift that not only tastes exceptional but looks the part too. Using soft winter wheat from northern France and pristine waters from Gensac-La-Pallue, no stone is left unturned in its creation. Grey Goose’s fresh and crisp taste makes it a truly gift-worthy choice.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

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