Dynaudio Special Forty | 40 Year Anniversary Speakers

Dynaudio Celebrates 40 Years With The Special Forty Speakers

This year, Danish speaker manufacturer Dynaudio is celebrating 40 years of delivering premium, high-quality sound. As is par for the course when an anniversary or birthday comes around, they’re putting out some stellar throwbacks into the world. They’ve recently released the Special Forty; a set of bookshelf speakers that have re-engineered some of the brand’s classic designs.

Dynaudio Special Forty | 40 Year Anniversary Speakers

Dynaudio Special Forty

Paying homage to some of their more innovative designs, the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers take inspiration from the likes of the Special One, Special Twenty Five, the Crafft, and Contour 1.3SE. Not content simply resting on their laurels though, the brand has more than just rehashed old ideas. They’ve designed the speakers so technology-wise, they’re more aligned to what we’re used to hearing from the high-end speakers in 2017, as opposed to what they were like 40 years ago.

The clever research and development team at Dynaudio have figured out a way of controlling airflow in the speaker better, which allows it to deliver purer and more detailed sound with less resonance. This has been done by refining the design of their Esostar Forty tweeter, which makes the sound produced tighter and more controlled.

Dynaudio Special Forty | 40 Year Anniversary Speakers

Dynaudio have also given the magnet system and woofer in the Special Forty some major upgrades. Inspired by the classic 17W75 MSP model, the woofer in the new speaker features an improved spider and optimised excursion-symmetry. These components all work together to deliver truly outstanding sound at exceptional quality.

Despite the super polished sound that the Dynaudio Special Forty speakers produce, their look is a little less so. The speaker’s exterior has been left slightly raw and less refined than usual, setting it apart from its predecessors. Available in either a Grey Birch or Red Birch finish, the speakers still sport Dynaudio’s sleek, minimalist aesthetic that allows them to easily fit into any space.

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