Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

Cross Peerless TrackR Pen | Never Lose Your Pen Again

Some 171 years ago in the US state of Rhode Island, the story of Cross Pens began. Back in 1846, founder Richard Cross and his team rose to prominence for crafting silver and gold casings for pencils. But, envisioning a bigger future, the company began designing some of the earliest known stylographic pens. Ever since their early days, Cross has set the benchmark for writing instruments, even supplying pens to the White House.

Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

Now adapting to more modern times, the inventive pen manufacturer has teamed up with the key-finding company, TrackR to release their newest creation; the Cross Peerless TrackR Pen. It’s not a marriage that many anticipated, but somehow it just makes sense. And, being such an unexpected combination, no one is doubting Cross’ claim of it being the ‘world’s first trackable pen’. Based on their luxury Peerless line, the Peerless TrackR is a premium wide-profile pen that shares the same smooth strokes as the entire range.

Cross Peerless TrackR PenCross Peerless TrackR Pen

Powering the Peerless TrackR are 2x CR1220 batteries, and Cross has been kind enough to provide 4 of them with the pen. As soon as they’ve been installed, you’re ready to go. The first thing you’ll need to do after turning the pen on is setting it up with the dedicated TrackR phone app. The whole process is pretty much seamless once you’ve signed up an account on the TrackR. The actual pairing will take less than a minute to complete.

The Peerless TrackR works using the latest in item tracking innovation. Crowd Locate and Bluetooth technology keep tabs on the pen’s whereabouts at all times. Writing instruments are naturally pretty elusive, so if you do happen to forget where you last left your prized possession, open the TrackR app and tap the alert button to initiate the pen’s flashing light and chime.

Cross Peerless TrackR PenCross Peerless TrackR PenCross Peerless TrackR Pen

It also has a handy reversible feature, whereby pressing the centre button on the Peerless TrackR pen, will help you locate your phone even if silent mode is switched on. Both of these features do require the devices to be within 30 meters of one another. Should your pen stray further than that, the TrackR app will give you its last known location. Partnering with TrackR means that anyone walking past the lost pen with TrackR installed on their phone, will automatically pick up a signal from the pen and update its location.

So there you have it, a beautiful writing instrument that you won’t be able to easily lose anymore. It makes for a great present for Father’s day or Christmas.

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