Top Products To Carry On A Plane
Top Products To Carry On A Plane

10 Of The Best Products For Plane Travel

We’ve found some of the best products for plane travel that’ll ensure you stay comfortable, fresh, and entertained when you’re up in the air for hours on end. From a stellar pair of noise-cancelling headphones to super soft socks to keep you warm, we’ve got you covered for your next journey…


Aesop – Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant HydratorBest Products For Plane Travel

The recycled air inside the plane cabin isn’t doing your skin any favours. Stave off the dulling and drying effects with a good moisturiser. Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator is a good choice; it contains hydrating ingredients like panthenol and rose hip oil, as well as soothing willow herb and protective white tea. We suggest cleansing your face and applying the moisturiser just before hopping on the plane. If you’re up in the air for the long-haul, give your skin another dose mid-flight for extra hydration.

Buy: Mr Porter


Native Union – Gripster WrapBest Products For Plane Travel

Getting to watch five movies in a row is probably the best part of flying. If you don’t think the screen on the plane is going to cut it though, bring along your tablet and house it in the Native Union Gripster Wrap. The wrap is not only going to protect the tablet from scratches and falls, but it also has a stand so you can have it held up at different angles too.

Buy: Native Union


Venroy – Lounge PantsTop Products To Carry On A Plane

Venroy’s Lounge Pants are ideal for air travel. These 100% linen pants are super comfortable, thanks to their light weight and elasticated waistband. Their elasticated cuffs give the silhouette a nice streamlined fit, which means they can be worn when you arrive at your destination too. Easy to style, the lounge pants can be worn casually for daytime activities, or dressed up for the evening too.

Buy: Venroy


Audio-Technica – ANC40BT HeadphonesBest Products For Plane Travel

Arguably the most important item you’ll need to carry on the plane with you is a really solid pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Even better if they’re compact and wireless. The Audio-Technica ANC40BT certainly fit this bill; the in-ear headphones feature Feed-Forward Active Noise Cancellation, which blocks up to 90% of exterior sound. All you’ll be hearing on the plane is your high-quality audio.

Buy: Audio-Technica


Bellroy – Passport SleeveBest Products For Plane Travel

Save yourself the hassle of spending ages searching through your bag for your passport, which somehow got separated from your boarding pass in there. Keep everything together and organised with Bellroy’s Passport Sleeve. The slim leather piece can safely house your passport, boarding pass, 2-4 cards, plus it comes with a tiny pen.

Buy: Bellroy


Anonymous Ism – Crew SocksBest Products For Plane Travel

Airplane cabins are generally pretty chilly, and the airline issued blanket probably isn’t going to cover your feet. So a soft and comfortable pair of socks is definitely called for. The Crew Socks by Anonymous Ism are a great pair, and one of the best products for plane travel. They’re made from a soft cotton blend, plus the thin ribbed cuff should fit comfortably without cutting off your circulation.

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Incase – City Compact BackpackBest Products For Plane Travel

The Incase City Compact Backpack is an ideal carry-on bag. It can hold quite a lot but still retains a slim profile – especially handy for stowing under the seat in front of you. The backpack can hold up to a 15″ laptop in its faux fur lined compartment, with enough space for your other carry-on essentials too. Plus, it features a padded air mesh back panel, making it a super comfortable day bag.

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Solid State – Solid CologneBest Products For Plane Travel

Easy to carry around with no chance it’ll be taken at security, a solid cologne is one of the best products for plane travel when you want to stay fresh in the air and when you land. Solid State makes theirs from a base of beeswax and shea butter, plus various oils. Their fragrances range from nice, vintage tobacco scents to super fresh citrus ones too. Just swipe a little bit onto your pulse points, and you’re good to go.

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Marvis – ToothpasteBest Products For Plane Travel

We all know how gross flying can make your mouth feel. Mitigate that feeling by carrying your toothbrush and some toothpaste on-board with you. Marvis makes handy travel-friendly 25mL tubes of their uniquely flavoured toothpastes. Though Ginger or Liquorice sound fun, you’d probably want to stick with Classic Strong Mint for the plane.

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Hey Gents Magazine Issue 01Best Products For Plane Travel

Get your Hey Gents fix in the sky. Issue 01 features articles such as 24 hours in Singapore, a guide to indoor plants, an interview with Venroy, modern architecture in the Maldives, home styling tips, men’s skin care essentials and more.

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Best Products For Plane Travel:

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