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I wrote my first article about Balter in February this year. Balter was and still is the shiny, sexy new thing in the craft beer game. They have pro-surfer founders, arguably Australia’s best beer brewer in Scott Hargrave, and a fresh, minimalist approach to branding.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this whole building-a-craft-beer-empire thing is easy given that:

  1. There are 400-odd craft beer breweries in Australia
  2. There have been a number of well-publicised wins. Think Stone & Wood, Pirate Life, Young Henrys, and now Balter.

In reality it’s definitely no walk in the park, however Balter have made it look easier than most. The end result is a world class product, brand, customer experience, and overall business. Now time to talk about the beer in question, the Balter IPA…

Monthly Beer Digest: Balter Brewing Company IPA Review

The Taste

This little purple tinny is on the fruitier end of the spectrum. It’s packed with heavy citrus flavours, which includes a distinctive mandarin scent. This is balanced by a lingering bitterness that sticks to your mouth well after you’ve completed your sip.

Whilst that all paints a picture of a pretty heavy beer (which it is) – don’t be alarmed. The potent flavours are wrapped up in a distinctive freshness that we are really starting to associate with the Balter brand.

Monthly Beer Digest: Balter Brewing Company IPA Review

The Verdict

The IPA is a full-flavoured beer that’s not messing around. It is genuinely delicious and if you’re crafty, then you need to re-prioritise your hit list so this sits at the top.

It chalks in at an ABV of 6.8%, which is pretty strong. Drink slow, savour the flavour, and enjoy the journey!

Monthly Beer Digest: Balter Brewing Company IPA Review

Listening: Balter is cool. Goldlink is cool. Balter’s IPA + this song together is almost a bit too much cool.

Eating: Falafel kebab. Fresh and flavoursome, like the hero of today’s story.

Vibing: Saturday afternoons at the beach, slowly slipping into a festive state.

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