Who We're Following: @serainasilja
Who We're Following: @serainasilja

Who We’re Following: @SerainaSilja

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Name: Seraina Silja Hürlimann

Location(s): I’m living in and freelancing from 12 (of the world’s most livable) cities for 12 months this year. After four weeks each in Auckland, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver, Berlin, and Budapest, I’m going to Amsterdam and Copenhagen next.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

What do you do for ‘work’?: I am a freelance creative and visual consultant in the fields of interior and lifestyle brands. At the moment I am mostly responsible for a) assisting partner brands and companies to develop a consistent visual language and b) supporting them to build up a strong social media presence, which inspires their right audience.

Cafe recommendations for the cities you’ve visited: My favourites this year were so far Holm (Auckland), Patricia Coffee Brewers (Melbourne), Glitch Coffee and Roasters (Tokyo), Revolver (Vancouver), Five Elephant Mitte (Berlin), and Espresso Embassy (Budapest).

Instagram tip: Don’t think in single posts only. Look at your feed as a mood board. A collection of unique, original, and pure stories will inspire not only you but also others on a daily basis.

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Who We're Following: @SerainaSilja

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