The Versatility Of The Dynaudio Focus 20 XD Speakers
The Versatility Of The Dynaudio Focus 20 XD Speakers

The Versatility Of Dynaudio’s Focus 20 XD Speakers

When it comes to fitting out my place, I like to keep things looking as clean as possible whilst making sure everything is functional and easy to access. Monochrome pieces are interspersed amongst soft, neutral hues in the furniture, light timbers, and varying shades of green from different plants. I like to think everything works really well together, thanks mostly to the simplicity and versatility of the products I’ve chosen. One recent addition was a set of black Dynaudio Focus 20 XD speakers for the living room.

When it came time for new speakers, I was drawn to Dynaudio for a few different reasons. First and foremost of course, is because of their incredible sound, which is crisp, full and a pleasure to listen to at any volume. So they get a big tick in the audio department, but they also look the part too (which may come as no surprise given they’re Danish-designed).


The Focus 20 XD speakers are available in five different colourways. I opted for the Black Piano Lacquer. Though each of the other colours are also really elegant, the black would be the easiest to style in my place. The versatility of the shade meant that the speakers could easily blend in with the existing decor when they needed to, or they could be a standout piece if I wanted them to be too. They look just as striking on a white TV cabinet against the crisp white wall, as they do on stands atop floorboards next to timber furniture.

The Versatility Of The Dynaudio Focus 20 XD Speakers


In terms of room set-up and styling, a welcome feature of the Focus 20 XD speakers is the versatility they offer in placement. I like to rearrange my furniture every now and again and the speakers can alternate between sitting next to the living room TV and on stands in different parts of the room. As long as they’re attached to power, they can be enjoyed anywhere. The stands I have are the Dynaudio Stand 6, which actually do more than just offer elevation to the speakers. First off, they’re in the same sleek black shade as the speakers themselves, so they provide a nice addition to the look. Aesthetics aside though, the highly rigid, low-mass aluminium stands feature dampening sheets in the top and base plates. These help to eliminate resonance and actually improves sound quality. Furthermore, you can also hide the power cable along the length of the stands, helping to maintain the clean look of the setup.

The Focus 20 XD speakers also feature a speaker position switch on the back, allowing you to tell them if they’re placed in the corner, next to a wall, or in a neutral position. Once they know where they are, they actually adjust their frequencies to produce the best sound for that situation.

The Versatility Of The Dynaudio Focus 20 XD Speakers

It’s hard to go wrong with black when it comes to design. You know it’s never going to date and you know it’ll go with pretty much everything else. The Dynaudio Focus 20 XD speakers have been especially easy to fit into my home, due to both the sleek, dark shade and because of their overall clean and minimal look.

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