Top Grooming Products For Winter
Top Grooming Products For Winter

Top Grooming Products For Winter From gentSac

Now that we’re well and truly into winter, you might be feeling the effects of the weather on your skin. If yours has been dry and dull lately, read on because we’re here to help. Together with gentSac, we explore some of our top grooming products for winter, which will help you reclaim your usual soft glow.


Anthony – Algae Facial CleanserTop Grooming Products For Winter

It might seem somewhat counterintuitive if your skin is dry, but cleansing should still be the first step in your grooming routine. Use it to clear away the day’s dirt, pollution, and sweat that accumulate on top of your skin, all of which contribute to a lacklustre appearance. The Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser is a good one to try this season. It contains ingredients like glycerin and rose hip oil to hydrate, while aloe and algae cleanse and soothe.

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Triumph & Disaster – Rock & Roll Suicide Face ScrubTop Grooming Products For Winter

Dry skin is going to lead to flaky skin, so start exfoliating stat. Not only will a good scrub clear away dead skin that sits on your face, but it’ll allow your moisturiser to penetrate deeper and will make it more effective. Furthermore, exfoliating will help reduce ingrown hairs from shaving too. One of our go-tos is the Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub. It contains volcanic ash for physical exfoliation, as well as green clay to draw out dirt from your skin.

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Handsome – Facial MoisturiserTop Grooming Products For Winter

In winter, it’s likely you’ll need to use a heavier moisturiser than what you’re used to the rest of the year. One that contains a healthy amount of oils is a good start. The Handsome Facial Moisturiser is one of our top grooming products for winter. It features avocado and hemp seed oils for a dose of hydration, as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin e to really seal the deal. It’s a great option as it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, without any of the stickiness that moisturisers can sometimes entail.

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Jack The Snipper – Original Matte CremeTop Grooming Products For Winter

Don’t neglect your hair in your grooming routine! Jack The Snipper’s Original Matte Creme is a good styling product to have on hand when you want to achieve a natural, textured style. It’s pliable but offers a strong hold. Better yet, it washes out easily with just water, so you don’t need to worry about any build-up in your hair. This is especially good in winter, as you don’t want to be shampooing your hair every day since it could lead to a dry scalp and locks.

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