New Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed Model

New Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed

Despite the lack of dedicated cycling infrastructure and the busy streets of Tokyo, cycling culture in the Japanese capital is big. Convenience is the biggest reason behind it, as it’s easier to navigate narrow streets on a bike than it is in a car. The cycling culture and unique needs of riding in Tokyo were the inspiration for bicycle brand Tokyobike. Launched in 2002 in the suburb of Yanaka, they offer bikes for the perfect ride around the city.

New Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed Model

Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed

Over the last 15 years, Tokyobike has expanded beyond its namesake city and now has a number of different models under their belt too. Their latest is the just-launched Limited Edition Single Speed. This new design takes on all the properties of the brand’s mainstay Single Speed model but adds an elegant 100% matte finish.

New Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed Model

The Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed bicycle features a slim Cr-Mo steel frame. This particular type of steel offers a huge amount of durability and strength while remaining super lightweight. The bike also features flat handlebars for easy manoeuvrability and 650c wheels. This is a slightly smaller wheel size than you’ll find on road bikes from other brands. The reason for this is that the smaller size makes accelerating from a complete stop much easier. Since the bikes are designed to be ridden around cities, which have an abundance of traffic lights, stop signs etc., riders are stopping and starting pretty often. Additionally, the smaller wheel size makes the bike more agile. Clever!

New Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed Model

Tokyobike’s Single Speed model comes as a ‘free wheel’, but you have the option of converting it into a fixie if you prefer. This means that if you like the ability to coast on your bike i.e. cruise along without pedalling, then you’ll want to stick with free wheel. Riding fixed gear means that if your bike is moving then your feet are pedalling – even downhill.

Tokyobike is known for their unique, minimalist bike designs. The models are typically available in a variety of colours, ranging from black and white to bright yellow and orange. The new Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed Limited Edition, however, comes in just three sleek colourways; charcoal, deep forest, and midnight. Each has a beautiful matte finish, giving them a very sharp and refined look.

New Limited Edition Tokyobike Single Speed Model

If you’re in Melbourne, head to the Tokyobike store in Collingwood to check out the new limited edition model. Otherwise, Tokyobike can arrange the interstate shipping or see the list of stockists around the country to find the closest one to you.

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