GoPro QuikStories

Share Your Adventures Instantly With GoPro QuikStories

When Instagram launched in 2010, it encouraged the world to take better photos. Although the photography talents of some people are still rather questionable, Instagram’s filters definitely helped to stop all images from becoming too egregious. In 2013, Instagram added the ability to post short videos to your gallery, but they didn’t offer many editing options beyond their signature filters. Unfortunately, throwing a bit of Valencia on top of a 30-second clip of you at the beach doesn’t necessarily make it especially exciting to watch.

For better or worse, the accessibility of fast mobile data, bigger data plans, and cheaper, high-quality recording devices means we can share more of our lives online. While photographs still have a lot to offer in terms of social media – especially as people become more and more creative with their grids as a whole – there’s no doubt that sharing videos is becoming increasingly easier and more popular.

So, without throwing any more shade on Instagram’s filters, how do we make videos exciting to watch on social media? One stellar solution is the new GoPro app feature, QuikStories.

GoPro QuikStories

GoPro QuikStories

QuikStories is a feature of the new GoPro app and Quik app that transfers the latest footage from your GoPro HERO5 camera to your smartphone, and then automatically creates a ready-to-share video for you. The video comes complete with transitions, music, and effects. Already you’ve got yourself something far more compelling to post on Instagram than a simple still image.

The GoPro app replaces the existing Capture app, and is what pairs to your HERO5 to download footage from. This happens automatically too – all you have to do is open the app, turn the camera on, and it’ll start downloading. When this is complete you’ll get a notification on your phone that tells you your shareable story is ready on the Quik app.

GoPro QuikStories

Editing QuikStories

Ahead of the launch of QuikStories, we had an opportunity to try out the new feature. GoPro very generously flew us to Palm Beach via Sydney Harbour on a sea plane on a stunning winter’s day. Conditions were ripe for capturing some beautiful footage and sharing it online (to the dismay of friends and colleagues who were stuck inside offices all day).


When your video is ready in the Quik app, you can either edit it or start from scratch and completely make your own. Both options are easy to do. When editing, you can enter the title of your video and choose from a number of different title effects. The app also has quite a lot of music that you can overlay your video with, or alternatively, you’re able to also use music that’s on your phone. Everything is really easy to do, and we found the software to be quite intuitive and well-thought out. It offers a lot of flexibility for an app.

The result of all this is that you have instant and genuinely interesting footage to share with your friends and family. Instead of a continuous, 30-second shot of you at the beach (probably panning your phone’s camera across your view with a quick few seconds of you waving at the camera), you have an immersive mini-movie of you swimming amongst the waves and smoothly running along the sand.

GoPro Karma Grip

For truly fluid, cinema quality footage, the Karma Grip is the perfect GoPro accessory. The gimbal delivers stability that ensures your videos come out smooth instead of shaky. More than a simple grip, it also offers controls like power on/off and starting/stopping recording. It’s a good idea to pick up one of these up if you really want to step up your videos.

GoPro QuikStories

The Wrap-Up – GoPro Quikstories

If you have a GoPro HERO5 camera, the GoPro and Quik apps are must-haves on your phone. GoPro QuikStories is an easy, quick way to share high-quality videos on social media or privately with shareable links. It’s a useful feature that really enhances the capabilities of the GoPro camera. The GoPro and Quik apps are available now to download for free on Google Play and iTunes.

Download: Google Play   Download: iTunes

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