New Season SQDAthletica Gear For Fitness & Life
New Season SQDAthletica Gear For Fitness & Life

Comfortable Workout Gear For Fitness & Life | New Season SQDAthletica

Have you ever stuck to a regimented fitness and eating plan for a few days, only to end up drinking a couple of beers after work with your mates one day and feeling super guilty afterward? We’ve all been there. We know how dull strict diet and exercise regimes can make your life. That’s why we love ourselves a bit of balance. Athletic-wear brand SQDAthletica feel the same way; their philosophy revolves around showing men that the road to health doesn’t necessarily mean saying no to good food, good drinks, and good times. All of that can still be enjoyed, as long as you keep it balanced.

New Season SQDAthletica Gear For Fitness & Life

In their pursuit to help us lead these balanced lives, SQDAthletica has just launched their new season styles. Comprising a couple of fresh basic t-shirts and shorts, the cool thing about the pieces in the range is they’re not just made to be worn to the gym. The t-shirts, available with three new prints, are made from 100% organic cotton. They’re lightweight and can be worn comfortably all day – even if your day won’t include a personal training session or 5km run. The new shorts are just as well suited to the gym as they are for whatever you have to run off to do afterwards (or a lazy afternoon on the couch). Their semi-elastic waist, all direction flexibility, and ventilation side panels deliver comfort while a clean silhouette and neutral colours ensure they look great too.

New Season SQDAthletica Gear For Fitness & LifeNew Season SQDAthletica Gear For Fitness & Life

SQDAthletica have created a new campaign video to accompany the new season styles. It goes through the day in the life of a SQDAthletica guy and shows how he finds his balance. The video is a nice demonstration of some of the ways we can all incorporate some fun and fitness into our lives.

The new SQDAthletica pieces join the brand’s already stellar range of sleek and comfortable workout gear. They’ve got you covered from head to toe for whatever kind of training you’re into.

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