Asket Two Year Sweatshirt
Asket Two Year Sweatshirt

The New & Improved Asket Sweatshirt

Swedish brand Asket has been working away for the past two years designing and re-designing their perfect sweatshirt. At long last, they’ve done it, and this month they’ve released the Asket Two Year Sweatshirt. While two years might seem like a long time to produce a single style, it comes after their first iteration of the sweatshirt was released last year, only to be pulled from shelves a few weeks later. The brand wasn’t happy with how it had turned out; it just simply hadn’t met their expectations of quality and design. So, armed with customer feedback they were back at it, tweaking all elements until their standards were met.

Asket Two Year Sweatshirt

The Two Year Sweatshirt is made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, densely knitted on the exterior for a smooth finish. The interior of the sweatshirt is unbrushed, which allows it to be warmer and super comfortable without adding any bulk to it. The cuffs, neckline, and bottom are crafted from a lycra-reinforced rib-knit. Basically, this means that they remain stretchy without losing their shape. We’ve all had beloved jumpers that have lost their elasticity. Well, that’s something you don’t need to worry about with the Asket sweatshirt. It goes with their ethos of making products for the long haul. Asket combines simple, timeless design with superior quality construction, making pieces to last a lifetime.

Asket Two Year Sweatshirt

Available in the brand’s signature 15 different sizes, the sweatshirt (re)joins Asket’s refined permanent collection. Their other wardrobe essentials include t-shirts, an Oxford shirt, and versatile knitwear. Much like their other pieces, the brand practices a transparent pricing policy with the sweatshirt too. They show us the cost of manufacture, how much they charge for the piece, and how much other brands would charge for it (spoiler alert – other brands would charge much more). The brand’s honesty is refreshing, and a big reason why they’re one of our go-tos when it comes to quality, minimalist clothing.

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