Who We're Following: @OnlyDecoLove
Who We're Following: @OnlyDecoLove

Who We’re Following: @OnlyDecoLove

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Name: Katerina Dima

Location: Oslo, Norway

Camera: Olympus PEN-F. My DSLR just broke and I have been using the Olympus the last couple of weeks until I decide on a new DSLR.

What do you do for ‘work’?: I am an architect, however I am currently working as a creative. I mostly style and photograph news for some of the most high-end Scandinavian brands while I also run my blog and social media at Only Deco Love.

Favourite place your Instagram / job has taken you: It has to be Zurich as of late, but I get to travel a lot due to my work especially around Scandinavia. Copenhagen and Stockholm are destinations that I equally love. You will find snippets from both at least a dozen times per year throughout my social media.

Instagram tip: Have fun with your account first, socialise, communicate, find new friends, find inspiration.

Three other Instagram account you like: 

@elisabeth_heier for interior / lifestyle

@makelifeeasier_pl for lifestyle / fashion

@hannes_becker for travel photography

Who We're Following: @OnlyDecoLove

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