Interview: Montauk Style | The Virtues Of Premium Linen Bedding

Interview: Montauk Style | The Virtues Of Premium Linen Bedding

Travelling frequently for work and staying in dozens of different hotel rooms would make you a pretty quick expert in all things bedding. You start to learn pretty quickly how firm you like a mattress, how fluffy is too fluffy when it comes to pillows, and what kind of sheets feel the nicest. This is how Martyn Feller learned that pure linen is a superior fabric when it comes to bedding. Soft, light, and smooth, it’s a material of many virtues. In order to spread the good word about pure linen, Martyn set about launching Montauk Style.

Montauk Style offers a wide range of pure, premium linen bedding, crafted from French flax. The pieces are available in different subdued and neutral shades, easy to style with each other and the rest of your bedroom. Their most recent release is Darkest Hour; limited edition quilt cover and sheets in pure, deep black.

We recently spoke to Martyn about his brand, the Darkest Hour range, and what’s next for Montauk Style…

Interview: Montauk Style | The Virtues Of Premium Linen Bedding

What sets linen apart from other fabrics when it comes to bedding?  

When anyone asks what linen sheets are like, I tell them it’s the ‘business class’ of bedding. Once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back! Linen is known to be the world’s strongest natural fibre and is 2-3 times stronger than cotton. The fabric is cool to touch, smooth on the skin and becomes softer the more you wash and roll around in the sheets. It’s a thick yet lightweight fabric without being stuffy like some heavy thread count cotton sheets. Its long fibres have the highest heat conductivity of any fabric, keeping your body cool in summer and warm in winter. Linen has a tendency to wrinkle, but this is part of linen’s charm, creating a laid-back lived-in look and feel. Linen’s natural drape and relaxed texture make styling effortless and reflect the uncomplicated beauty of the fabric.

How has Montauk Style grown since its inception?

Almost three years ago I took a punt and dropped 15K on an order of pure linen quilt covers. It was risky and I paid through the nose for those quilt covers, but that was the MOQ (minimum order quantity) required for a linen factory to even look in my direction. I began selling online, part motivated to recoup my investment, the other part to reclaim my apartment and clear the half tonne of linen crammed in my living room. I started receiving enquiries from satisfied customers about when sheets would be available to match their quilt covers, which was validation as well as the confirmation needed to extend the range to all sheet types as well as work on developing a colour palette. Montauk now occupies warehouse space in Sydney’s inner west, where we have set up an adjoining office and showroom, where customers and potential stockists can stop by, see and feel the linen. We encourage visitors to bring their jammies and roll around in our sheets. We see deliveries of over 4 tonnes of linen at a time and this will only increase as we extend our range.

Interview: Montauk Style | The Virtues Of Premium Linen Bedding

What has been the biggest challenge since launching the brand? 

The biggest challenge is an ongoing one which is to keep striving to improve the product in regards to aesthetics, design, comfort, and quality. These components carry equal weight and must each be considered as parts and whole when planning and locking down decisions in the pre-production phase. In this business you have to become a stickler for details and every production must see an evolution of the product. The modifications and tweaks are the results of research, constant testing, awareness of industry direction, listening to every word our customers say and lastly, trusting and applying your intuition.

Tell us about the limited edition Darkest Hour set you’ve just released, and what kind of room you had in mind when creating it. 

We were looking to add something rich and dark to our palette. It had to exude decadence and sophistication as well as create depth and dimension in our collection. Having lived in NYC for more than a decade, one particular apartment I visited stood out in memory. The converted warehouse loft was one massive space of floor-to-ceiling white, featuring all white furniture, floorboards, and an enormous shag pile rug. Juxtaposed at the far end of the room was an enormous bed draped in layers of the darkest deepest black linen, blankets, and cushions. Darkest Hour was the culmination and appeals to those looking for a mature and sophisticated update to their bedroom. An all black affair in the bedroom was what we had in mind with Darkest Hour, but something we didn’t expect was how well it played with the other colours from the collection, most notably storm grey, almond, and cactus. Through normal wash and wear, Darkest Hour will tone down a notch to become a gritty industrial coal which we are equally excited about.

Interview: Montauk Style | The Virtues Of Premium Linen Bedding

What’s on your bed at home at the moment? 

The range has been configured adhering to the fundamentals of simplicity, minimalism, and sophistication. Whether it’s automobiles, film or fashion, I’m drawn to the classics as opposed to seasonal fads and the threads on my bed are no exception. At the moment I’m combining the soft muted tones of Manhattan Grey and Glacier. The slight variation of hues couple beautifully together and brightens the room especially throughout the winter months. A stark Milkcloud White Flat Sheet in between gives separation and highlights the subtleness of pastels. On rotation with Manhattan Grey is a Vintage Denim Blue Quilt Cover. The concept here was to find a gentle matte blue designed to fade over time to the same shade as your oldest and most favourite pair of jeans.

What’s next for Montauk Style?

Montauk Style is about bringing the effortless comfort and charm of a Hampton’s beach house into your home. Whilst the core of Montauk Style remains pure linen bedding, we’ve recently added a range of lifestyle products that transcends the bedroom, including luscious pure linen blankets, cushions, amazingly soft stonewash-finished robes, sleepwear, and towels. Shortly we’ll be launching a range of kitchen linen which includes tablecloths, napkins and placemats, all created from the same linen as our sheets. 

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