How To Pack Smart For Your Next Holiday
How To Pack Smart For Your Next Holiday

How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday

Struggling with how to pack well? We hear you. Trying to decide what to pack before you jet off on holiday can be an arduous and frustrating task. It’s never a good feeling when you realise you forgot something essential. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s always annoying when you arrive home and unpack two pairs of shoes that you didn’t even wear. The trick to packing well is to take items that serve more than one purpose. You only have limited space in your luggage, so you really need to make the most of it. Think things like a versatile pair of shoes that you could wear everywhere from the beach to a museum and out to dinner too. Same thing goes for your grooming products, such as using a sunscreen that doubles as a moisturiser.

As we enter the Australian winter, we have our eyes set on the northern hemisphere for a summer getaway. With beaches, bars and warm weather not too far into our future, we browsed the MR PORTER Summer Shop to find pieces that help us pack well for a mid-year holiday.


How to pack well – for the journey…

Knowing how to pack well isn’t just about what you take in your checked-in luggage, but your carry-on too. Taking a bag onto the plane that will double as your daily bag during your holiday is a great start. Keeping your carry compact and light is essential too; your DSLR might take some exceptionally beautiful shots, but do you really want to lug it around as you go from the beach to the bar every day? Headphones are another item that often catch people out. Sure, you want high-quality sound to be able to zone out on the plane, but is carrying around bulky, over-ear headphones worth it? The Master & Dynamic ME01 In-Ear Headphones are a great, compact travel choice. They won’t fall prey to getting jumbled in your bag, thanks to their tangle-resistant cord, plus they still deliver super crisp and clear sound.How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday


The essentials…

Your clothes are probably going to take up the bulk of the space in your suitcase, so opt for a few basics that you can mix and match to make multiple outfits. Moreover, ensure the pieces you take with you can work for both casual and more dressy occasions. Neutral-hued chinos and jeans will serve you well since they can be easily styled up or down. If your day involves sight-seeing and museum hopping, throw on a basic t-shirt and pair of jeans and you’re good to go. In the evening, swap the tee for a collared shirt and you’re ready to go out for dinner. When it comes to your basic t-shirts, don’t skimp on quality either. You’ll be cycling through the same few every day, so you want them to be comfortable and durable. The rag & bone Standard Issue T-Shirt is a good choice as it’s made from a lightweight slub cotton-jersey which is super soft.

How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday - Hey Gents


A versatile pair of sneakers…

Unlike clothes, your shoes can’t be folded compactly to take up less space in your luggage. So if you can avoid taking multiple pairs with you, you really ought to. A key tip on how to pack well is to take a pair that offers versatility. Think a pair of sneakers that you can wear on the plane, walk around in during the day, and wear out in the evening. Most importantly, they need to be comfortable too. This might sound like a lot to ask from one pair of shoes, but it’s certainly achievable! A simple pair of black or white sneakers is a good option since they’ll go with almost any outfit. A leather outer is also a good choice as it can be easily worn casually as well as in smarter settings. It’s hard to go wrong with Common Projects Original Achilles. The classic sneaker features a clean silhouette and a crisp white leather construction that really elevates anything it’s worn with. With no embellishments except for the brand’s signature gold-stamped serial numbers, they’re super easy to style with multiple outfits.

How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday - Hey Gents


For the beach…

If you’re heading to the coast, packing beach gear is a must. Things like sunnies and a hat are important to take since they offer sun protection. Taking a pair of boardshorts with you that look just as good on the street as they do on the sand is a good idea too. The Club Monaco Arlen swim shorts are a great option. Their mid-length cut won’t look out of place when you’re wearing them out to cafes and shops.

How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday - Hey Gents


For your skin…

Holidays can really throw your skin out of whack; from the moisture-sucking recycled plane air to messed up sleeping patterns, it can be hard for your skin to adjust. It’s important to keep up a grooming routine while you’re away to keep it looking its best. This doesn’t have to mean lugging around your entire bathroom when you go away though. There are some great ways to multi-task your holiday skincare. The Hampton Sun SPF15 face cream, for example, is a great way to incorporate SPF protection while also moisturising your skin at the same time. It features a whole host of natural ingredients designed to care for your skin, including zinc oxide for sun protection.

How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday - Hey Gents


For your hair…

Though you might not think so, hair styling products can actually be pretty good for multi-purpose use (including helping you get a few more days in between washes). Products like the Pankhurst London Defining Serum feature a subtle scent, meaning you can leave your regular daily fragrance at home. The serum is also great for creating both super defined and subtle styles, so you can achieve the exact look you’re after with the one product. Hair products that are water soluble are also good to look out for, as they can be easily rinsed out and won’t leave a less than ideal build-up in your hair.

How To Pack Well For Your Next Holiday - Hey Gents


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