How To Learn New Skills & Change Your Career
How To Learn New Skills & Change Your Career

How To Learn New Skills & Change Your Career

Switching up career paths is something most people are likely to have considered, or done, a few times in their lives. It’s now fairly common to try your hand at a number of different jobs across a number of different sectors in your working life. If making the leap to another position is on your mind at the moment, or you just want to learn some new skills to progress your career, Upskilled is here to help.

Upskilled is one of Australia’s largest Registered Training Organisations (RTO). They offer a wide range of short courses and qualifications for people looking to kickstart or advance their careers. Moreover, the courses can be completed online with flexible timing, so you can still learn new skills without needing to quit your current job. At the moment, Upskilled is offering $2,000 cash scholarships to eligible students, to help ease the financial burden that vocational education can entail. So, if you want to shake up your career, consider this a sign.

Check out some of the top industries to consider if you’re looking for a career change…


Things are looking up for the IT industry, with statistics suggesting the number of job openings in Australia is only growing each year. Not to mention the fact that as you get higher up the ranks, earning potential is very promising. Upskilled is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions, meaning their IT courses deliver actual industry-backed skills and information.


Possessing business skills will put you in good stead across a number of different industries, so a business and admin course is a great one to consider. Ranging from Certificates and Diplomas to Bachelors degrees, Upskilled has a range of courses if a career in business sounds right up your alley.

How To Learn New Skills & Change Your Career

Community Services

If the idea of steering your career towards something more meaningful than what you’re currently doing sounds appealing, check out the Upskilled community services courses. Offering Diplomas and Bachelors in counselling and social science, these are ideal if you have an innately caring personality, and want the professional skills to be able to harness it for the better.

Social Media Marketing

Have you ever looked at your Instagram grid in adoration and thought to yourself “I should be getting paid to do this”? Well, you can be! Take your social media prowess to the next level with a social media marketing course. Here, you’ll learn from experts about social media strategies and reporting, as well as rules and legal considerations to keep in mind. Most brands these days have dedicated social media teams, so it’s a promising sector to get into.

How To Learn New Skills & Change Your Career

The Upskilled Education Scholarship is a great option to keep in mind if you want to change things up in your career and need some help along the way.

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