Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU
Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU

Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter With MoCU

During winter, it’s not only our wardrobes that change, but our beer drinking habits too. We find ourselves reaching less frequently for light, refreshing lagers, and instead opting for heavier, darker ales. There’s just something so warming about a good stout and something so comforting about a porter that makes them ideal in the colder months. I’m always open to trying new brews, but sometimes it can be hard to choose, considering there are so many available now. Having written about MoCU, or Modern Curations Gallery, before, I turned to them again to help introduce me to some new beers to drink this winter.

If you’re not already familiar, MoCU is a service that aims to introduce and deliver specialty beers, ciders, and wines Australia-wide. They’ve partnered with some of the finest breweries and winemakers from around the world to create their curated drink collections. The collections are built around different themes e.g. the NZ Collector, which features 10 of the best Kiwi beers, and the Journey To Gastronomy, featuring different beer styles designed to match different meals. The drinks are available to purchase from MoCU’s website.

MoCU Winter Wanderlust Collection

One of MoCU’s current collections includes the Winter Wanderlust. It features 12 bottles of beers that have been specially selected to perfectly complement low temperatures. Featured in the collection are beers from Emerson’s, White Rabbit, James Boag, Pride, Kosciuszko, James Squire, South Australia Brewing, and Little Creatures. The types include porters, pale ales, stouts, dark ales, and a pilsner thrown in for good measure too. It’s a good mix of styles with enough variety that ensures you don’t end up drinking the same thing 12 times over.

Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU

Being partial to a nice porter with a hint of coffee, I was most excited to try the James Squire Jack of Spades Porter. With notes of coffee and chocolate, this beer did not disappoint. I could imagine myself sipping on the beer in a cosy little pub with a roaring fire in the corner. Post-porter I opted for the Kosciuszko Pale Ale, which offered a light and refreshing break from the rich dark beer. This is one of the best things about the MoCU collections; they’ve been curated in such a way that you can drink a few and the styles complement each other well, or they’re equally as good if you’re only having one.

Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU

The two Emerson’s beers were next to try. Emerson’s is an award-winning brewery based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Having been around for over 20 years, the brewery’s perfected its processes and recipes, resulting in a solid core range with a few limited edition and seasonal ones in the mix too. The two included in the Winter Wanderlust collection are the 1812 and London Porter. The 1812 leans towards being an IPA, which I’m not normally a huge fan of. However, I found it to have a really nice, balanced taste that I enjoyed. The London Porter was superb; creamy with a nice hint of toffee and vanilla.

Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU

Speight’s is another Dunedin-based brewery. It’s been around since the late 19th century, so it’s already grown a huge following in New Zealand. MoCU’s Winter Wanderlust collection features the 5 Malt Old Dark and Triple Hop Pilsner from Speight’s. These each offer some unique flavours and are great finds from MoCU. These beers aren’t easily available in Australia so this was a nice way of trying something I otherwise wouldn’t have much of a chance to.

Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU

White Rabbit is a brewery whose beers I’ve sampled prolifically over the years. The Dark Ale and White Ale are welcome additions to the collection, and it was nice having the familiarity of flavours amongst all the new ones too.

The Wizard Smith from James Boag is so good that MoCU includes two bottles of it in the Winter Wanderlust collection. With a really nice caramel flavour and inclusions of winter fruits, it’s an ideal brew for this time of year.

Discover The Best Beers To Drink In Winter | MoCU

MoCU’s curated collections are a stellar way to discover new drinks that you might not otherwise get a chance to try. The convenience of having them delivered to your door is a bonus.

MoCU is currently offering Hey Gents readers 20% off MoCU collections with the code ‘MOCU-HG20’. For T&Cs, visit https://mocu.com.au/Terms/mocu20-offer/.

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