01-A Watch By Instrmnt
01-A Watch By Instrmnt

01-A Watch By Instrmnt

One of our favourite minimalist watch designs comes from Glaswegian brand Instrmnt. The 01-A watch’s simple design doesn’t take away from its functionality. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. With no gratuitous branding or embellishments on the watch’s dial, it leaves plenty of space to clearly display just the time and date.

The well-designed watch is crafted with a Sapphire crystal glass, Swiss Ronda 585 3H movement, an 18mm German leather strap, and a PVD coated 40mm casing. All in all, these components together make for a nicely constructed and high-quality piece. The combination of tan leather and gunmetal casing works well, allowing it to be worn easily as an everyday watch.

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01-A Watch By Instrmnt01-A Watch By Instrmnt01-A Watch By Instrmnt

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