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Somewhere between a hair care and hair styling product sits the new Triumph & Disaster Karekare Hair Tonic. The latest addition to the New Zealand brand’s range is this sea salt styling spray infused with a whole host of natural, nourishing ingredients that are good for your locks and scalp. If you’re not familiar with sea salt sprays, they’re a styling product designed to add body and vibrance to hair. Made to achieve that effortless, textured look you get after you’ve gone to the beach (hence the sea salt).

Introducing The New Triumph & Disaster Karekare Hair Tonic

Triumph & Disaster is a brand that likes to get creative with the natural ingredients in its products. The Karekare Hair Tonic is no exception. Key ingredients include Epsom salt, which you might be familiar with as a bath additive to sooth muscles. In the hair tonic, it removes excess oil from the scalp plus helps to clear build-up of other hair products, which can lead to problems down the line. Willow Herb is another unique addition that also helps to mitigate oiliness on the scalp. The inclusion of Sea Beet in the formula serves to provide treatment to the hair from root to tip, which in turn increases volume and shine.

Introducing The New Triumph & Disaster Karekare Hair Tonic

The Karekare Hair Tonic is a nice bridge between the brand’s gentle shampoo and conditioner, and its styling clays and pomades. The tonic is great to use if you don’t need the stronger holds that the other styling products deliver. If your hair just wants a little lift and body, the tonic is ideal. With the abundance of natural, beneficial ingredients it contains, you know it’s working to protect and care for your hair as well as make it look good too. Spray it into either damp or dry hair, style as needed, and you’re good to go.

Check out the Karekare Hair Tonic at triumphanddisaster.com.