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There’s more to clothing and accessories than a simple, utilitarian need to wear something. What you wear is a reflection of yourself; your interests, your personality. Fashion can be an art form, taking elements from other types of art, like architecture or industrial design, and incorporating it into the creation of clothing and accessories. With this in mind, Swedish watch label TID has recently launched a collaborative platform for artists and designers to incorporate their practices into the brand’s fashion timepieces.

TID Watches Combines Art And Fashion | TID Canvas 001

Called TID Canvas, the concept invites creatives to re-imagine and interpret the TID No.1 Watch, and subsequently create a limited edition collection of them. The first cab off the rank is Swedish design studio, Form Us With Love (FUWL). This is the studio responsible for the design of the original watch in the first place, so they were a natural place for TID to start with.

FUWL’s re-interpretation of the No.1 Watch has resulted in the ultra-minimal, ultra-refined TID Canvas 001. For what was already a very minimally designed watch, this is really an achievement. The striking piece sees a crisp white dial, available in either 36mm or 40mm, paired with a clean black band. The functional elements, like hands and time markings, are there, but blend in with the dial, being the same arresting shade of white. The watch is crafted with premium materials, like a vegetable-tanned leather band, mineral glass, and an ion coated stainless steel buckle. Despite being a fashion piece (or a work of art – either works), it’s still a wholly functional timepiece that’s made to be worn.

TID Watches Combines Art And Fashion | TID Canvas 001

TID Canvas is a really exciting project that we certainly plan to keep an eye on. The brand plans on having the ‘handover’ from one artist to the next occur at the highly anticipated annual Salone del Mobile design event in Milan. This year’s event was in April, where the Canvas 001 was revealed. At the same time, it was announced that Swedish graphic designer, Clara von Zweigbergk, would be taking over the reigns for the Canvas 002. Clara’s portfolio of past work reveals a very playful and colourful aesthetic, so it’ll be interesting to see what her take on the No.1 Watch will be.

Go to tid.com for more info.

Photos taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.