Sleek Smart Luggage For Your Next Trip | E-CASE

Sleek Smart Luggage For Your Next Trip | E-CASE

We love a good device that makes our lives a bit more hassle-free. The latest category of ‘smart’ gear that’s recently piqued our interest is smart luggage. That’s right, luggage that you take travelling, but with the ability to do more than just house your clothes.

Smart luggage itself has been around for a while, but the one that’s caught our eye is E-CASE. What exactly is smart luggage, and what makes it so clever? Well first off, it’s generally enabled with GPS so you can track where your bag is. Most give you a general location, but E-CASE actually utilises multiple signals including GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, as well as GPS for tracking. This gives you an exact, real-time location of your luggage anywhere on the planet, both inside and outdoors.

Sleek Smart Luggage For Your Next Trip | E-CASESleek Smart Luggage For Your Next Trip | E-CASE

Some smart luggage also has a built-in scale, which is a total godsend if you’re always going through check-in with gritted teeth, hoping your bathroom scales were accurate. While most have the scales in the handle, E-CASE has them in the wheels. This means there’s no lifting required on your part. All you have to do to check the weight is press a button on the accompanying E-CASE app on your phone.

One of the most important things to consider when buying new luggage is how easily it can be secured. E-CASE has security well and truly covered. There are three different ways to unlock it. These are through fingerprint via the app, fingerprint via the luggage itself, or via SMS. That means no one except you is going to be able to rifle through the contents of your bag without going through you first.

Sleek Smart Luggage For Your Next Trip | E-CASESleek Smart Luggage For Your Next Trip | E-CASE

Really cool smart features aside, the E-CASE luggage itself is of a stellar quality and build, plus it looks sleek. There are three models available, a carry-on one, as well as two check-in bags in different sizes. They come in a variety of different colours too.

The team behind E-CASE are experts in luggage design and manufacturing, with over two decades of collective experience in the industry. The design has been in the works for nearly five years, and is now being realised thanks to Kickstarter. Their funding goal has already been smashed, but there are still a bunch of early bird offers available and time left to take advantage of them.

Pre-order your E-CASE on Kickstarter.  


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