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It’s always cause for celebration when one of your favourite stores gets even better. This is now the case with go-to grooming retailer, Mr Hardys. The company’s aim is to improve the male shopping experience, and thanks to a recent website re-design and logo revamp, it now completely has. The Mr Hardys interface is now totally sleek and clean, easier to navigate and sort through the stellar line-up of products it stocks.

The Melbourne-based retailer worked closely with local digital design agency, Whiley Mai, who have an acute understanding of how customers interact with websites and what they want out of them. They looked at things like search and purchase patterns to hone in on exactly how Mr Hardys customers use the website, and have subsequently crafted a dynamic filter system that makes it easier to find the exact products you want.

In addition to the improved website, Mr Hardys is now also offering a new gifting service. Grooming products are always a solid choice when it comes to buying gifts, and now Mr Hardys is making it even better. It’s offering wrapping and custom gift cards too, so presents can be sent directly to the lucky recipients.

Though the store’s line-up of brands is already really strong (featuring the likes of Baxter Of California, Hunter Lab, and Triumph & Disaster, to name a few), it’s continuing to grow, with a wider range of brands and product categories on the cards.

To celebrate the website re-launch, Mr Hardys is offering Hey Gents readers 10% off any purchase for the month of May with the code ‘HeyGents’. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite products available on Mr Hardys.



Handsome Devils Co. – Coconut Body Scrub

Scrubs are especially useful to use come winter, when your skin dries out and tends to get a bit flaky. The Handsome Devils Co. Coconut Body Scrub will both get rid of that flaky dead skin plus keep the rest of you hydrated at the same time. Organic rapadura sugar and Himalayan rock salt work their exfoliating magic while a blend of oils moisturise.



Captain Fawcett’s – Jimmy Niggles Esq. The Million Dollar Beard Oil

With literal bits of gold laced throughout this beard oil (23 carat gold flakes to be exact), this stuff will really leave you feeling like a million bucks. What’s more is that it’s made in collaboration with Jimmy Niggles, founder of Beard Season, which is a charity aimed at bringing attention to the dangers of melanomas and the importance of getting regular skin checks. Proceeds from the sale of every Million Dollar Beard Oil by Captain Fawcett’s will be going towards Beard Season.



FIT Skincare – Lip Serum

Another great one for the colder months, FIT Skincare’s Lip Serum is great to have on hand to prevent moisture getting zapped from your lips. Don’t worry about it leaving any obvious signs of actually being on your lips either; the serum is taste and shine free. Featuring ingredients like vitamin c, calendula extract, and the brand’s signature OXY-FIT 10, throw some on before you go to sleep and you’ll wake up with a soft and moisturised pucker.





Steele & Borough – Mr Necessary Toiletries Bag

Not only does it have a whole host of awesome grooming products, but Mr Hardys also stocks some great accessories to house the products in. This toiletries bag by Steele & Borough is a great option, especially for travelling. The durable bag is made from PU, a great alternative if you’re not a fan of leather. Plus, the interior is lined with a wipeable canvas, in case any of your products leak.



Check out the new site and full range at mrhardys.com.au and get 10% off with the code ‘HeyGents’ for the month of May. 


In partnership with Mr Hardys.