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You’re sprinting to the gate. You’ve just heard the final boarding call announcement for your flight. As you reach the counter just in time, you scramble through your bag, where you can find your passport but not your boarding pass. Most of us have had an experience like this or similar, where a lack of organisation has lead to a rather big panic at the airport. Getting all your travel essentials organised and in one spot can save you a lot of hassle, which is where having a well-designed passport wallet comes in handy. With space for your passport, boarding pass, and some money, they’re your one-stop shop for being travel-ready. Disc Brand Co., which last year launched a minimalist coin wallet, has just launched its new Disc Passport Wallet on Kickstarter.

A Minimalist Passport Wallet For All Your Travel Essentials | Disc Brand Co.

Disc Brand Co.’s minimalist passport wallet sports a very streamlined and refined look; an extension of the sleek aesthetic of the coin wallet. It features separate pockets for your passport and boarding pass (and cash), plus it has easy to access slots for up to four cards too. The wallet also features a handy little pen holder, for all the forms that inevitably need to be filled out at airports. With all of this, the wallet retains a very slim profile that can easily and unobtrusively fit into your front or back pocket.

A Minimalist Passport Wallet For All Your Travel Essentials | Disc Brand Co.

The Disc Passport Wallet is made from a premium Italian full-grain leather, which tends to look better over time. Stitched with an industrial stitching technique and reinforced in all the right places, this is a product that’s made to last you far more than one holiday. It’s available in two classic colourways; Jet Black and Coffee Brown.

Disc Brand Co. has some pretty stellar early bird offers on the table through their Kickstarter at the moment. If you’re on the hunt for a minimalist passport wallet that looks sleek and delivers functionality too, this is a great one to consider.

Check out the Disc Passport Wallet, now live on Kickstarter