Well-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

Well-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

Having a clean desk is a crucial element when it comes to productivity and a positive working environment. Decluttering your workspace can help you feel less overwhelmed, allows you to stay on top of your tasks, and is great for keeping organised. Check out our round-up of well-designed products for an organised desk…


Bellroy x Field Notes – Notebook Cover MiniWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

The Bellroy x Field Notes Notebook Cover is a great product to have on hand to jot down your thoughts or meeting notes at the office. The high-quality and soft leather cover comes with three Field Notes memo books, and also features space for a pen and up to six cards too.

Buy: Bellroy


Bluelounge – Posto Headphone StandWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

A headphone stand is a great item to keep on your desk. It keeps your headphones from creating too much clutter, especially if they’re wired, plus it looks really nice. Bluelounge’s Posto is a great option. It’s made of a sturdy aluminium, with a flexible rubber rest designed to be compatible with all headphones.

Buy: Rushfaster


Dyson – CSYS Task LightWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

If your office lighting just isn’t cutting it, having a desk lamp is a good idea. The Dyson CSYS Task Light is a great option. It sports a very sleek and minimal look that doesn’t take up very much space at all. Plus, being a Dyson product, it’s of course designed exceptionally well. It uses a counterweight pulley system to ensure the light always stays exactly where you need it. Read our full review here.

Buy: Dyson


Areaware – Concrete Desk SetWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

The Concrete Desk Set by Areaware makes for an attractive and modern addition to your desk. Each piece is crafted from 100% cast concrete, giving them a sturdy and sleek look. Included in the set is a tape dispenser, pen cup, and tray; essentials needed to keep your desk clean and organised.

Buy: Need Supply


Native Union – DOCKWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

Native Union has a penchant for making traditionally boring items, like cables and chargers, very attractive. Their DOCK is no exception. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the piece is super sleek and functional. It’s designed to keep your phone at an angle, so it’s still easy to use when charging.

Buy: Rushfaster


This Is Ground – Cord TacoWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

Stop your cords and cables getting tangled and messy with This Is Ground’s Cord Tacos. The simple little pieces are made from high-quality leather and have a metal snap closure. Having a couple on hand is a nice way of keeping your cords organised and easy to use.

Buy: Gallantoro


Ferm Living – Letter TrayWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

Save your desk from becoming engulfed by a flood of loose paper with a sleek and minimal tray, like this one by Ferm Living. Made from smoked oak veneer, the tray has a classic look with a modern edge. You can use one by itself, or have a couple and stack them up. It’s a great way to keep on top of all those papers that end up on your desk.

Buy: Arrival Hall


Grovemade – Monitor StandWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

Monitor stands are a great idea, not only for keeping your desk organised and clean, but for your health too. Elevating your monitor to eye level helps to reduce strain on your neck, which can lead to major problems down the road. The Grovemade Monitor Stand is an attractive option, available in either walnut or maple. It leaves ample space underneath it, meaning you get more desk real estate too.

Buy: Grovemade


Yield Design Co. – Geo RailWell-Designed Products For An Organised Desk

The Geo Rail by Yield Design Co. is a beautiful way of displaying photos or cards on your desk. The piece is 10cm long and made from solid brass, which gives it a very premium and elegant look. Highly durable and made to last, it makes for a nice and sleek addition to your desk.

Buy: Hunting For George

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