Men's Shaving Tips | How To Get The Most From Your Shave

How To Get The Most From Your Shaving Routine

Whether you have your routine down pat, or you’re still struggling to get it completely right, there’s a good chance that shaving is part of your morning ritual. Either way, it’s a good idea to stay in the know with the latest advice and products when it comes to taming your whiskers. In partnership with MR PORTER, we’ve created a simple guide on how to get the most from your shave…

1. Have The Right Tools

The last thing you want to do to your face is slice it up with a bad razor. This is not one of the areas of your grooming routine that you can get away with skimping on quality. There are a few routes you can go with the razor; electric, straight-edge, safety, or cartridge. You’re likely most familiar with the electric and cartridge, or disposable, options. They both offer the easiest learning curves, however the quality of shave they each deliver is inferior to that of safety and straight-edge razors. You’ll get the closest shave from the latter two, but you’ll first have to take the time to master the art of using them. When you do get the hang of them, it is entirely worth it in the end; in terms of both overall cost over the years and shave quality. We’re partial to a safety razor ourselves, with the D R Harris as our go-to.

Men's Shaving Tips | How To Get The Most From Your Shave

2. Prepare Your Skin

It’s a good idea to shave right after you hop out of the shower, as the heat will help soften your whiskers, which makes them a hell of a lot more pleasant to shave off. Regardless of the type of razor you use, pairing it with a good shaving cream is a must. Shaving cream moisturises, protects, and lubricates your skin, allowing the razor to move across it way easier. This helps prevent razor burn too, which is caused when the razor drags and tears the skin.

Lather up with a high-quality brush, and rinse off the excess when you’re done. The Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream is a nice choice, with ingredients like vitamin e and chamomile that protect and soothe skin. D R Harris’ Shaving Cream Tube is great too. It’s lightly scented and the 75g tube makes it ideal for travelling.

Men's Shaving Tips | How To Get The Most From Your Shave

3. Treat Your Skin Afterwards

Gone are the days of alcohol-filled aftershaves that sting and burn your skin. There are some much nicer options available nowadays. The purpose of aftershave is to protect your skin from bacteria entering your pores and therefore causing problems like acne or infections. We’d recommend using one to keep your skin looking its best. Stay away from alcohol if you see it as the main ingredient in an aftershave; not only does it sting, but it’ll dry out your skin quickly too. Witch hazel is a good, natural alternative. The D R Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk is a favourite of ours; it contains a mild, non-stinging antiseptic plus it keeps your skin moisturised.

Men's Shaving Tips | How To Get The Most From Your Shave

4. Don’t Neglect The Beard

You’re not off the hook if you’re not the clean-shaven type. If you have a beard, or are attempting to grow one, there’s still maintenance required to ensure it looks and feels clean. Trim it when there are strays so it looks neat, and wash it regularly. Conditioning in the form of a dedicated beard oil is an important step too. Beard oils can help mitigate some of the itchiness that is part and parcel of growing a beard. If you’ve already cultivated your ideal facial hair, the regular use of beard oil helps keep it smooth, nourished, and makes it easier to style. The Penhaligon’s Bayolea Beard & Shave Oil is a good option, doubling as a shaving oil as well. D R Harris’ Beard Oil offers a nice, refreshing scent.

Men's Shaving Tips | How To Get The Most From Your Shave

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