Men's Grooming Essentials Sorted With gentSac - Hey Gents
Men's Grooming Essentials Sorted With gentSac - Hey Gents

Grooming Essentials Sorted With gentSac

When life gets hectic, it can be hard to prioritise some of those personal admin tasks that we all have to do. Things like getting a check-up at the doctor, going to the bank, or buying a new bottle of shampoo because yours ran out three weeks ago and your housemate is starting to catch on to the fact that you’ve been using theirs. At those times in our lives, it’s a godsend when there’s a service that exists to help us with some of these tasks. One such service is gentSac, who are here to help you with the shampoo problem (not to mention every other step of your grooming routine).

Men's Grooming Essentials Sorted With gentSac - Hey GentsHere at Hey Gents, we’ve been avid fans of gentSac for a while and know how useful their subscription service is. The way it works is they curate different kits of grooming products and daily essentials like underwear and socks, put them together into a beautiful sack, and mail it directly to your door. If you choose to subscribe to your kit, you can opt to have it sent again in increments of one, two, or three months. That means never running out of shampoo (or shaving cream, or moisturiser, or toothpaste) again.

gentSac have a whole host of stellar men’s grooming brands onboard; think Baxter Of California, Hunter Lab, and Triumph & Disaster, to name a few. Their pre-made kits are designed to cater to different needs, such as Travel Essentials, with travel-sized products that keep you feeling fresh when you’re on the go. Other pre-made kits include Luxe Shave, for those who really appreciate the art of shaving, and the Face Time kit, when you just need the basics to keep your face clean.

In addition to the plethora of pre-made kits that gentSac offers, you also have the freedom to create your very own. If you don’t know where to start, you can set up a time to have an over the phone consultation with someone from the team who can talk you through your specific needs and recommend products to try. Alternatively, if you’re in Sydney, you can visit gentSac’s shopfront in the Galeries building in the CBD.

Men's Grooming Essentials Sorted With gentSac - Hey Gents

Pricewise, purchasing a gentSac kit works out saving you quite a bit of cash when compared to purchasing each product separately. Moreover, your time is valuable, and the time saved not having to go to the shops to pick up new product makes it even better.

I couldn’t write this article and not create a new gentSac kit of my own, so I ended up picking up some new product I’ve had my eye on for a while, as well as replenishing some favourites. Here’s what I chose for the kit:

Go to gentsac.com.au for more info, or head to their store on the ground floor of the Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney. 

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In partnership with gentSac.

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