Feral Brewing Company The Karma Citra review
Feral Brewing Company The Karma Citra review

Monthly Beer Digest: Feral Brewing Company Karma Citra

Since I last reviewed a Feral Brewing Company beer, they’ve continued to go from strength to strength. There are not many quality venues or stores that don’t stock Feral these days. The Hop Hog placed 3rd in the 2016 GABS Hottest 100 (see the full list of winners here) and they are continuing to bring experimental beers to the mainstream with a new Red IPA called Fanta Pants. Moreover, they created the Perth Local – a lager which is a tribute to their home state of Western Australia. Today, we’ll be reviewing one of their older, mainstay beers – the Karma Citra.

Feral Brewing Company The Karma Citra review

The point of this intro is to highlight that Feral Brewing Co. has well and truly hit legendary status. What’s more impressive is that they’ve done this all whilst staying true to their craft roots.

Keep crafting Feral – you’re making the beer universe a better place.

Feral Brewing Karma Citra

The Taste

Post pour, a settled Karma Citra looks a lot like a glass of coke (minus any fizziness; plus a small tan head). Your first sip reveals a beer of two halves.

The first half is of fruit. The beer starts a lot like your common IPA. You’ll notice strong pangs of pineapple and guava. The more you flirt with these hops the more they’ll start to wrap their fruity little hands around your palette and pull you deeper into the Karma Citra.

The second half is of chocolate and coffee bean. These traditionally thicker, richer flavours have been sprinkled sparingly and are complementary to the beer’s fruitier first half. With that said, you’ll still be well aware of these flavours.

Feral Brewing Company The Karma Citra review

The Verdict

I’ll be honest, although I’ve described the Karma Citra with playful adjectives, this is a pretty serious beer. It’s not for everyone, nor is it appropriate for every occasion. If you’re trying to ween your colleagues off the bland generics that your office serves at beer o’clock then do not serve them this beer. You’ll very quickly lose the right to have a say on what beers are served at future office drinks and you’ll have to make do with said generic bevvies.

However, if your mate loves heavier crafts then pour him this beer and he’ll soon see you like a brother and spread fables of your genius. Like all Feral beers, the Karma Citra has that spark that’s capable of blowing minds and building cults.

Another word of caution. Drink this beer fresh. If you’re open to darker beers and you happen to find it on tap you’ll love it. If you can find it in a bottle, drink it quickly and it will delight. Any alternative approach could jeopardise your own drinking experience. You’ve been warned.

Eating: I’m thinking some dude food would go nicely with the Karma Citra. How about some chilli cheese fries? The real cheesy kind.

Listening: An ode to Western Australia: Too Much Time Together – San Cisco

Vibing: The Local Tap House – a pub’s pub. They tap over 400 beers a year and look and feel exactly how you expect your local pub to look and feel. If they don’t have the Karma Citra they’ll have something equally as eccentric.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s

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