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They’ve already helped you get fit for life by way of a few simple exercises you can do anywhere. Now, SQDAthletica is back with a new range of cycling gear to get you on your bike. Cycling can be far more than just a mode of transport to get you from A to B. It can be a very liberating and freeing experience. Cycling lets you get out amongst it with your mates, enjoying open roads and all the beauty of nature. The fact that you’re getting a good workout in at the same time is just a bonus. This is why it’s a sport that’s so close to the brand’s heart. The SQDAthletica Cycling Series is an extension of its philosophy, that it’s all about balance.

Get On Your Bike With The SQDAthletica Cycling SeriesGet On Your Bike With The SQDAthletica Cycling Series

The new collection features all the essential gear needed when you have a long ride ahead of you; jerseys and shorts, gloves and socks, as well as a stellar cap, of course. Like everything in SQDAthletica’s apparel ranges, the gear in the Cycling Series looks modern and refined. But above all else, they’re crafted from quality fabrics and are super functional. Made from a lightweight, dry-fit Italian fabric with breathable mesh panels, the jerseys remain comfortable no matter how long you’re out there for. The bib shorts are made from a similar technical fabric with extra padding where you’ll need it most after sitting on a bike saddle for a while…

Get On Your Bike With The SQDAthletica Cycling Series Get On Your Bike With The SQDAthletica Cycling Series

SQDAthletica is offering a few different cycling kits so you can pick up different pieces together in one go. They’re a great jumping off point if you’re just starting to get into the sport, and an excellent alternative to obnoxiously bright and loud cycling outfits. The neutral colourways in the Cycling Series definitely make for a welcome change.

Check out the collection at sqdathletica.com


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