Samsung QLED TV Range

Samsung’s New QLED TV Range | First Impressions

Samsung has just announced its newest smart TV category – the QLED (Quantum LED) range. Innovative and minimalist, the QLED range aims to raise the bar in both picture quality and usability, delivering an ultimate home cinema experience. We were invited to the launch event at the Sydney Opera House and got to see the amazing line-up in person. Here’s what we know so far about Samsung’s new QLED TV range.

Samsung QLED TV RangeSamsung QLED TVs

The QLED range features the new Quantum dot display, resulting in superior true-to-life picture quality. Since the Quantum dots emit their own light, the screen is able to deliver richer contrast and greater detail, regardless of how bright or dark the scene is. The technology makes the QLED range the brightest displays from Samsung, achieving a vivid colour performance at any level of room brightness. The range also allows for immersive viewing from different angles, ensuring that you have a great viewing experience wherever you are in the room.Samsung QLED TV Range

Samsung QLED TV Range
There are three different series in the range: the Q9, Q8, and Q7. The Q9 is the brightest, with its luminance peaking at 2000 nits. The Q8 and Q7 are also bright but a tad bit lower at 1500 nits. The Q8 boasts a sleek curved display, while the Q9 and Q7 have a traditional flatscreen design. Both designs are super slim and made of premium materials, guaranteed to look great in most room settings. Stands are sold separately so you can choose one that best complements your interior.

Samsung QLED TV RangeSamsung QLED TV RangeSamsung QLED TV Range

Samsung’s new QLED TVs will be available for purchase in Australia from 17th of April. The Q9 series will arrive in 65, 75, and 88-inch models while the Q8 and Q7 series will be available in smaller sizes, at 55, 65, and 75 inches, with prices starting from $4499.

Visit the official site for more information. 

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