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Though there’s been a profusion of new craft beers, ciders, and even wines pop up over the last few years, it can be pretty hard to access a lot of it. Unless you’re lucky enough to live near a specialty bottle shop or cellar door, many breweries and wineries are only a distant concept. However, a new Australian company, MoCU, is seeking to change this. MoCU, which stands for Modern Curation Gallery, is a new website that aims to deliver rare and specialty drinks Australia-wide.

MoCU Delivers Speciality Beers, Wines & Ciders Straight To Your Door

Having partnered with some major names in the beer, cider, and wine worlds, MoCU curates collections that follow different themes. For example, they have a Sun Seeker collection, with some of the best beers for summer. The Dark Discovery collection has a range of porters, stouts, and dark ales for the more daring. The concept is perfect for those times you want to try something new, but you just have no idea where to start. Their online store also allows you to purchase individual bottles and packs if you know exactly what you’re after from their awesome range.

MoCU Delivers Speciality Beers, Wines & Ciders Straight To Your Door

In addition to the online store and curated collections, the service also offers the MoCU Journal. The online content platform seeks to expand their customer’s knowledge of drinks through news and articles about the latest in the beer, cider, and wine worlds. Furthermore, with the belief that brewing beer and making wine are just as much of an artform as they are scientific processes, MoCU plans on curating art exhibitions connected to their drinks ranges. The first of these, called Happy When It Rains, is taking place this year in Sydney, as part of Art Month.

MoCU Delivers Speciality Beers, Wines & Ciders Straight To Your Door

With a bunch of our favourite breweries and winemakers already onboard, MoCU has plans to further increase their stable in the future. Close partnerships are also devised so that drinks makers can experiment with new flavours and products, offering special access to MoCU customers.

Check out mocu.com.au for more info. 

Images taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.