Introducing the SONOS PLAYBASE

Introducing the SONOS PLAYBASE

It’s been over a year since SONOS last released a product. In early 2016, the exceptional second version of the PLAY:5 was released, and now with all the learnings from one of the most advanced speakers on the market, comes their latest sound system.

We are super excited to announce PLAYBASE by SONOS. This is one of the most innovative and versatile speaker products that we have seen come on the market for a while. PLAYBASE is the latest addition to Sonos’ wireless home sound system and home theatre line-up. It’s both a TV speaker and a music speaker, promising to handle the complexities of the home theatre as well as enhance the way you listen to music.

Introducing the SONOS PLAYBASE


PLAYBASE is a compact sound system featuring ten custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers. Three tweeters, six mid-range, and one woofer are all controlled by software to produce the most optimum sound. The result is a soundstage that expands well beyond its physical form. So if you want immersive sound with a system that doesn’t clutter your bedroom, SONOS PLAYBASE could be the elegant, high-performance solution for you.

Introducing the SONOS PLAYBASE

Based on the insight that up to 70% of all TVs are not wall-mounted but stand on furniture, SONOS PLAYBASE is designed to sit discreetly under one. It’s strong enough to hold the weight of all modern TV sets, and yet slim and minimalist enough to blend into any surrounding. Available in black or white, the body looks incredibly sturdy with no visible seams, as if carved from a piece of granite.

There is an acoustically transparent grill that consists of 43,000 individually drilled holes. The holes vary in size as they are distributed strategically along the body. There are finer holes in the front where the tweeters are and they get larger towards the right-hand side where the subwoofer is located.

Introducing the SONOS PLAYBASEIntroducing the SONOS PLAYBASESonos PLAYBASE Sound System

SONOS PLAYBASE aims to resolve the issues encountered by sound bars. Playback vibration is minimised by a complex insert moulding process and a custom glass-filled polycarbonate exterior. Superior performance is ensured by SONOS Trueplay, a software that tunes the speaker according to the configuration of your room using the microphone from your smartphone. This is done through the Sonos App, which also features Dialogue Enhancement (clearer dialogue) and Night Mode (clearer dialogue with subdued sound intensity).

Sonos PLAYBASE Sound System Sonos PLAYBASE Sound System Sonos PLAYBASE Sound System

Sonos_PLAYBASE_HomeTheater_WhiteAs with all SONOS products, PLAYBASE easily integrates into the sound system and has access to over 80 music streaming services. And that’s only the beginning as Sonos is constantly developing and updating new features. In the near future, you will be able to use your voice to control PLAYBASE and any Amazon Alexa enabled device.

SONOS PLAYBASE will be available for purchase on the 4th of April this year, and we are more than excited to get our hands on it. So stay tuned for our review of the PLAYBASE, and meanwhile, you can visit the product site for more information.

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