LG's New Home Cinema Line-Up

Introducing LG’s New Home Cinema Line-Up

We attended a launch event for the release of LG’s 2017 home cinema range yesterday. Aiming to deliver the ultimate cinema experience to the home, the line-up focused on the reproduction of image and sound in the most true-to-life fashion. The OLED and SUPER UHD 4K series promised to produce superior picture quality together with great compatibility across different video streaming services. There was also a new series of sound bars, capable of delivering surround sound in small, neat packages.


LG OLED TVsLG's New Home Cinema Line-UpLG's New Home Cinema Line-Up

LG’s OLED range got some substantial updates this year, coming forth with better image and sound quality. With the new and improved pixel technology, the OLED TVs are able to deliver incredible contrast and detail in a wide viewing angle. Through the elimination of a backlight, each pixel has the ability to turn on and off individually, hence achieving a perfect black and rich, vivid contrast. That also means no excess light, resulting in a much wider viewing angle.

The OLED TV series is available in 4 different models at various screen sizes. With the exception of the W7, every model in the series has a built-in sound bar attached underneath the display. At only 40 watts the native sound component is good enough for smaller environments. However, if you have a mid-sized room or just want greater sound, LG has a new series of external sound bars available that are sold separately.

For a more cinema-like experience at home, the new OLED range features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies. Dolby Vision enhances picture quality and realism by dynamically adjusting the contrast in a scene-by-scene basis. Dolby Atmos brings forth multi-dimensional audio by locating separate sound elements to different channels to map out a true-to-life soundscape. Both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are relatively new technologies that are rapidly adopted by filmmakers and contents creators. Despite the limited content at the moment, you can be sure that there’ll be a lot more to come in the near future.

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LG's New Home Cinema Line-UpLG's New Home Cinema Line-UpThe LG Signature OLED W7 is the flagship product of the OLED range. It made its debut at CES in Vegas earlier this year and went home with the ‘Best of CES Innovation’ award for video displays. Now we’ve finally had the pleasure to see it in person.

Also known as Wallpaper, the W7 is a stunning display that sits flush on the wall, thanks to a magnetic bracket. Together, they measure at just 4mm in thickness, with the display at 2.57mm by itself. To achieve this feat, all its processing and power components are transferred to an SJ9 sound bar connected through a ribbon cable.

The SJ9 sound bar has a slim design that can be mounted to the wall, underneath the W7. At a whopping 500 watts, the SJ9 is capable of delivering powerful, cinematic surround sound with rich detail.

The W7 comes in one size only, at 65 inches. A purchase of the W7 will include an SJ9 sound bar and a premium delivery and installation service from LG (capital cities only).

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LG Super UHD 4K TVsLG's New Home Cinema Line-UpLG's New Home Cinema Line-Up

LG Super UHD 4K is a new series of LED TVs that support Dolby Vision. By utilising a new technology called Nano Cell, the Super UHD 4K TV offers more accurate colour display as well as wide viewing angles. The technology employs a film of nano-sized particles to achieve precision in image reproduction. These particles are also light-absorbent so they absorb excess light waves, resulting in clearer and purer colour display.

In collaboration with leading audio specialist Harman Kardon, the Super UHD series boasts clear, refined sound at 80 watts. For more powerful and immersive sound, you can make an additional purchase of a sound bar from LG’s SJ series (discussed below).

There are 3 models in the series: SJ95, SJ85 and UJ75. Both the SJ85 and UJ75 arrive in 55, 60 and 65 inches. While the SJ95 is larger, available at 75 and 86 inches.

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SJ Series Sound BarsLG's New Home Cinema Line-Up

The SJ series comprises of 7 different models. The models share the same configuration, consisting of a main unit and a wireless subwoofer. However, they vary in design, size, and capacity, giving you options to find one that’s most suitable for your room.

The flagship SJ9 is LG’s first sound bar to integrate Dolby Atmos sound, which promises an immersive surround sound, all in a single unit. Featuring 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2 height channels, the SJ9 creates a rich three-dimensional sound throughout the room.

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