Three Reasons The Apple AirPods Are Worth It

We looked strange when we first started talking into a brick that didn’t have a cable connected to it. We looked like loonies holding up a wire and speaking to it when microphones were introduced to earphones. Once again, we will all look a little nuts talking into Apple AirPods, which look like earphones but with the wires cut off. If history is any indication, then we’ll all get used to the look of the AirPods soon enough and then revel in their convenience and usefulness. In the meantime, here are three ways they can be extremely helpful while giving nobody a reason to judge you for it.

Apple AirPodsApple AirPods

When Cycling

It was only a few weeks ago that I was wearing my trusty sports wireless earphones (which is a misnomer really, as they actually have a cable connecting the two earpieces) while cycling. I stopped at a busy intersection and was getting ready to turn right. You know the drill – look right, then left and then right again. As I started the process and was about to push off while turning my head right for the final time, the cable behind my neck got caught and yanked the left earpiece out. In a situation that commands utmost care and attention, my judgement was compromised by this trivial movement. I needed earphones that would actually be wireless in every sense so that I wouldn’t have this issue again.

Although I was initially reluctant about their design, I tried the new Apple AirPods shortly after for this very reason. As a cyclist, I noticed that my helmet helped draw the attention away from what was protruding out of my ears. Despite the small size, the glossy white body of the AirPods do stand out. Regardless, they were very comfortable and stayed firm in my ears. The important thing was that I could turn my head in any direction with ease. That, coupled with some obvious sound quality improvements over the wired version, makes the AirPods an excellent companion on the road.

Using navigation on the Apple Watch on a bike has always been good but not great. You could easily miss a haptic tap here and there with the bumps on the road. Using it in combination with the AirPods, though, will ensure that you always get to your destination without missing a turn.

Apple AirPods

The Airport

You already have enough to worry about when you’re rushing through the airport, so the last thing you want is a tangled mess of wires dangling from your pant pocket. The AirPods are a great option instead of heavy headphones so that you can still hear what’s going on around you as you journey through airport obstacles. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to remove when you need to. If you happen to get a phone call while dragging all that luggage around, you can answer the call with a double-tap on one earpiece. When going through airport security, just take them off and stick them into your pocket. I’ve tested this and the AirPods did not set off the body scanner. Note: this does not apply to the AirPod case, which went through the baggage scanner in my backpack.

The other thing about airports is that everyone is so preoccupied trying to get to their flight or thinking about the awesome destination that they’re heading to, they won’t actually care about what other people are doing or wearing. Hardly anyone looked at me wearing the AirPods and if they did, they didn’t really pay any attention to it.

Apple AirPods

The Office

Initially, you might attract some looks and then some snickers, or as it happened in our office – a straight out crack-up from your work mates. But soon enough they’ll get it out of their system, while you get to enjoy the convenience of the AirPods.

Using earphones between Apple devices have never been this easy; the AirPods work seamlessly between Apple products. In fact, once you’ve easily paired them with your iPhone, they stay paired every time you take them out of the case thanks to the embedded W1 chip. Once connected to your iPhone, they automatically become accessible on other iOS devices and MacBooks that you’re signed into on iCloud. So if you need to watch a video on your laptop, you can simply connect it to your AirPods via the system menu. That means you no longer have to physically unplug your earphones from phone to laptop and vice versa.Apple AirPodsApple AirPods

Furthermore, the AirPods might be the most intuitive earphones ever. Music starts playing when you pop them in your ears, automatically pauses when you take one or both buds out, and then resumes when you put them back in. When you’re only wearing one, the music plays in mono and switches to stereo when both are worn. The bass on the AirPods is definitely better than its wired predecessor. You can also use your AirPods to access Siri – just double tap and ask away, if that’s how you’ve configured them.

So there you go, that’s three great reasons to get a pair of Apple AirPods and we know that soon enough, everyone will be sporting them around.

Head to apple.com for more info. 

Images taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

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