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If the idea of holidaying in Bali doesn’t appeal to you, thanks to the deluge of young Australians who flock there to party every year, then it’s time to reconsider. No, we’re not suggesting you join the masses as they drink their way through Kuta. Instead, head a little further north and you’ll be in Canggu. This is where you’ll find the new boutique resort, The Slow.The Slow Bali | Good Design & Boutique Accomodation The Slow Bali | Good Design & Boutique AccomodationOpened last year by George Gorrow and Gareth Moody, The Slow is a veritable island paradise. If those names sound familiar, it’s because they are. George and Gareth are two of the original guys behind iconic Australian fashion label Ksubi. That’s already enough to tell you that this hotel is unlike any other. The beautiful design of the space itself is enough to make you want to book the next flight to Bali. Raw concrete paired with warm wood, unique artworks from the owner’s personal collections set amongst a variety of plants and simple decor. It’s a hotel created with exceptional design at top of mind.

As the hotel’s name suggests, The Slow is all about taking it easy. It’s a place to really immerse yourself in a relaxing environment. A place that makes you wonder whether going back home is really necessary. Everything about the hotel makes you feel that way, from the light-flooded and open rooms and suites, to the crystal clear private swimming pools, to the food and drink on offer. The Slow Bali | Good Design & Boutique Accomodation The Slow Bali | Good Design & Boutique AccomodationThe Slow Bali | Good Design & Boutique AccomodationAlongside The Slow, George and Gareth have also launched a new menswear label, NON-TYPE. The label doesn’t especially abide by one style or occasion. From leather and wool to linen and surf gear, they don’t fit into a single category. NON-TYPE is housed within room 14 of The Slow, making the accommodation essentially a one-stop shop for everything you need while you’re in town.

Check out theslow.id for more info.