Serene City Living | Southern Sunshine Home, Taiwan

Once in a while, we all have the need to get away from the craziness of the city to somewhere peaceful and restorative. HAO Design has taken this idea a step further by renovating an ordinary free-standing family house and transforming it into the Southern Sunshine Home, a beautiful and serene country refuge right in the middle of the bustling city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Southern Sunshine Home In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Zen living is the philosophy behind this project, with the large pre-existing yard playing the central role. The entrance has been relocated to the side so that you’ll need to walk through the yard to get into the house. This immediately creates a sense of serenity the moment you set foot on the property. You’re then greeted by a Japanese inspired wooden porch where you’re able to sit down and catch the view of the surrounding garden. After this, you can finally reach the entrance.

The original house was cluttered with small stagnant spaces so HAO Design installed French doors, windows and skylights throughout to remediate this. The ceiling was already high, so no significant changes were made, except for the white painted timber cladding that further brightens up the space.

The open plan living room has a series of French doors welcoming the view and sunlight. The adjacent kitchen is spacious as the owner especially loves to cook. The stark concrete walls are contrasted and balanced by the warmth of timber lining. This is a space in which the family and guests can enjoy each other’s company while looking out to the quaint outdoor space that’s so rare in a city like this.

Southern Sunshine Home In Kaohsiung, TaiwanSouthern Sunshine Home In Kaohsiung, Taiwan010HAO_CCLake-S-256The master bedroom has a floor window to soften up the harsh sun rays that arrive every morning. On the other hand, the bathroom is filled with robust light pouring in from the full-width skylight, encouraging the plants to thrive and invigorate the space.

Southern Sunshine Home In Kaohsiung, TaiwanSouthern Sunshine Home In Kaohsiung, Taiwan Southern Sunshine Home In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Southern Sunshine Home is a high-ceilinged and open cottage, a gem amongst the tower blocks that clutter up the city. It reminds us what we direly need in a home and more importantly, that everything can be achieved with good design.

Check out HAO Design for more info. Photographed by Hey!Cheese

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