MENU SS17 Collection | Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares

Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares | MENU SS17 Collection

Everything about Scandinavian brand MENU’s designs resonates with us. From the simplicity of their aesthetics and refined colour palette, to the functionality each product delivers, everything just works. In their own words, they “want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to”. By working with a collective of similarly-minded designers, MENU does just that. Extending their range of minimalist, Scandinavian homewares and furniture, the brand recently launched their SS17 collection.

MENU SS17 Collection | Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares MENU SS17 Collection | Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares

Collaborators for the new collection include one of our favourites, Norm Architects, as well as Kenyon Yeh, Nick Ross, Studiopepe, and Theresa Arns to name a few. It’s interesting to see how each designer brings their own unique look to the range while the overall collection remains very cohesive. Like seasons past, the homewares in SS17 feature a lot of brass, powder coated steel, concrete, and marble. Each piece is super minimal and looks simply beautiful, yet everything has a purpose. Nothing in the range really exists just for the sake of looking cool. Likewise, the design of each piece of furniture is very carefully considered.

MENU places a lot of focus on using quality materials in their products, as well as utilising local craftspeople where possible in order to preserve traditional skills. The end result is a variety of very high-quality homewares and furniture that’s made to last for life.
MENU SS17 Collection | Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares MENU SS17 Collection | Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares

Nick Ross’ Darkly Mirror is one of our favourite pieces in the MENU SS17 collection. Available in either solid brushed brass or brushed aluminium, Nick Ross took inspiration from what some historians believe to be the first instance of the reflected human image; small ceramic bowls filled with water. It’s an interesting concept that’s resulted in a very well-designed product.MENU SS17 Collection | Well-Designed Scandinavian Homewares

The Socket Occasional Lamp by Norm Architects is another one of our top picks from the new collection. Representing minimalism at its best, the lamp features no shade, simply just a solid brass stand and bulb. It’s designed to be easily placed anywhere in a space that needs some illumination, be it on a desk, on a bookshelf, or in the corner of the room. Additional functionality is delivered by the ability to easily remove the bulb socket so it can be used as a paperweight as well.

Check out the full SS17 collection at menu.as. Shop MENU in Australia at Hunting For George or Designstuff

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